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Using WooCommerce with WooCommerce API Manager

You can sell your plugin or theme through the WooCommerce with WooCommerce API manager platform using Appsero.

Let us see the steps, shall we.

Basic Information

To add a new plugin, click on the Add New button. There you will find two options “Add Plugin” and “Add Theme“. Click on the “Add Plugin” button.

Adding a plugin

Now you have to click on “Yes, It’s a Premium Plugin” button.

Select premium plugin or theme

Because it is a premium plugin, all the details have to be filled up manually. All the necessary data needs to be added. Check out what you need to add.

Now, you can add the details in the fields.

Fiil up details


Now, onto the Licensing part. Appsero will ask you a question, Whether you want to manage your plugin ‘s license through Appsero or not. Now, we recommend choosing “Yes;

Then you can use every feature of Appsero including Analytics, Licensing & Deployment. So it is recommended to select Yes.

You can choose “No” also. In that case, then you can only use the analytics part.

Manage plugin's licesne through Appsero

If you want currently WooCommerce with WooCommerce API manager or WooCommerce with WooCommerce Software Add-on – select them.

But if you want to use Appsero directly with WooCommerce without any other plugin, you need to choose I don’t use any of them.

Use WooCommerce with Woo API Manager or Woo Software Addon

On the following screen, select the platform you are already using.

Using WooCommerce with WooCommerce API Manager 1

On the next screen, Appsero will ask you how do you want to manage your licensing going forward

  • If you want to use Appsero to handle licensing for future sales – select “Use Appsero
  • If you want to use Software Licensing to generate licenses but want to use Appsero for license checking only, select “Keep using existing license generator and use Appsero for license checking only
Using WooCommerce with WooCommerce API Manager 2

The redirected page will show you a message that “I have installed Appsero Helper plugin”.

Appsero helper plugin

When you click on the “I have installed Appsero Helper plugin” you will get an API key.


Now, to verify the API key, you need to install the Appsero Helper plugin on your website. Then, you need to navigate to Admin-> Settings-> Appsero Helper. Then you need to paste the API key from Appsero to your website and hit the Connect button.

Connect API key

Now, when you click the Verify button, it will give you a message that the connection is successful.

Connection Successful

Now, you need to select your website that you connected with Appsero.

Select website to connect

After selecting the website, you need to select your existing project on your website. If you are getting any error in this step, we recommend adding your product already to your store.

Add project

After adding your project, you need to hit the Next button to complete.

Hit Next Button

That’s it. Rest is the same as adding a Premium plugin or theme. You can get help from this documentation.

Choosing License Validity of Each Product

After you have gone ahead and added Appsero Client to your project, head over to Settings -> Pricing. Make sure the pricing section mirrors your product information like your WooCommerce product.

Also, ensure that the activation limits are set as you desire from Settings -> Pricing

That’s how you can use WooCommerce with Appsero & Woo API Manager. If you face any issue, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

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