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Email Digest

You can add email digest using Appsero. Here are the steps.

To enable email digest, click on a plugin or a theme. There you will find the Email Digest option under Email. Hit the button.

Email Digest

and click on Add New button. After clicking on the Add New button, you will get a form.

Email Digest

Fill up the form with the following information.

Send ToYesAdd comma-separated emails. Example: [email protected], [email protected] The digest will be sent to those emails
FrequencyYesThe frequency of the digest. It can be emailed Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
Send OnYesThis is available only for Weekly and Monthly digest. For Monthly select date and for the weekly select day.
Send AtYesThe time when you would like to receive the digest.
Digest NameYesThe name of the digest. This name will be sent as the Email subject
Deactivation Email Digest

After fill up the form click on Create Digest button

The digest has been created successfully. You will get digest to the provided emails according to Frequency.

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