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Using Appsero with Gumroad

You can track selling data of plugins or themes on Gumroad through the Appsero dashboard.  For Gumroad integration with Appsero, you must have a Gumroad account.

Let’s see the steps.

Step 1: Add Plugin/Theme in Appsero Dashboard

From your Appsero dashboard click on Add New. You will see two options- Add Plugin and Add Theme

Add Plugin with Gumroad from Appsero

As you are going to sell this plugin, so it must be the premium one. Don’t forget to click on Yes, it’s a premium plugin, like the image below. 

Yes, it's a premium plugin

Now, fill up all the basic information about your plugin and press on Next button.

plugin basic information

Then click Yes

manage license with Appsero

Choose Gumroad as your marketplace.

Gumroad integration with Appsero

Now select the “I have my products ready at Gumroad” option. You get the place to enter Gumroad Access Token to make a bridge between Appsero and Gumroad.

click on tick

So, now click on Here, and navigate to your Gumroad account.

Step 2: Collect Access Token from Gumroad

To collect your access token, log in to your Gumroad account. On the left sidebar, you will get the Setting option. Now at the top of the page, you will see the Advance option and click on it. 

Gumroad settings

If you scroll down, there will be an option for application creation like the image below. 

create application

Next, fill up the Application Name and Redirect URL. Also, add the Application icon and click Create Application

Then Gumroad will provide Application ID and Application Secret. For generating the access key, you have to press the Generate access key button.

generate access key

And, the system will show you the key.

copy the access token

Before going to the next step, don’t forget to click the Update Application button otherwise, all this information will not be saved and work properly. 

Step 3: Place the Token Key in Appsero

Take the Access token and place it in the popup at Appsero.

placing Gumroad access token

Now, press the Connect button. Well, you will get the Ping URL from Appsero. And, copy the URL.

Using Appsero with Gumroad 1

Paste the URL in the Ping space of Gumroad.

paste ping url

Click on I have pasted the webhook and hit on Next button.

Using Appsero with Gumroad 2

Here, you have to set a price for your plugin. Don’t forget to set the exact price as you have set in the Gumroad. Otherwise, you will not get the real data or similar information in both Gumroad and Appsero. 

set plugin price

Now select your store and project and press Update Connection. 

connect with store

On the next page just click on Next.

installation method

After that, you will get a popup with a message that you have successfully added the plugin with Appsero.  In the last step just press Done.

success popup

That’s it for Gumroad integration with Appsero.

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