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  5. Easy Digital Downloads To WooCommerce License Migration

Easy Digital Downloads To WooCommerce License Migration

Besides managing the license, Appsero also helps in license migration from Easy Digital Downloads to WooCommerce. Without mid-management, this can be a daunting task. However, Appsero acts as the perfect mid-management solution.

Also, it ensures that the previously used license from your Easy Digital Downloads store doesn’t get void.

Let us see the process on how you can migrate your license from EDD to WooCommerce.

Sync Your Easy Digital Downloads With Appsero

At first, you have to sync your EDD licenses with Appsero. We are assuming you have already connected Appsero with your EDD store. That way Appsero can manage the EDD store licensing.

To sync your license you need to navigate to Tools and click on Sync Orders. This will automatically sync all the previous orders from your Easy Digital Downloads.

After you have successfully done that, we can move on to the next step.

Install & Activate WooCommerce Plugin On Your Site

First, deactivate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin from your site. And, also deactivate any licensing plugin for EDD (e.g EDD Software Licensing).

Now you need to install the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository. After installing, activate the plugin.

Create New Products For WooCommerce Store

The third step in the process to migrate licenses from Easy Digital downloads to WooCommerce is you have to create a new store to sell using WooCommerce.

First, you have to create products. Add the same product and pricing you had while using EDD, but this time with eCommerce. To do that, navigate to Products->Add New on your admin dashboard.

Second, give the name of your plugin or theme, set the price, download limit and hit publish.

Check The Variations On Before Changing Licensing Settings

Before you change your licensing setting, you need to make sure you set the pricing accordingly.

Go to Settings-> Pricing from your plugin sidebar menu. There add the necessary information that is required. Then click on Submit to finish.

If you have variations of your plugin then enable the “This Plugin Has Variations” option.

Change Licensing Settings On Appsero

Now, you have to organize the setting of licensing. Therefore, go to your Appsero dashboard and click on the plugin/theme that was using EDD licensing previously.

Navigate to Settings->Licensing.

There, select Your Site option because the plugin is being hosted there, WooCommerce as your E-Commerce plugin, and Appsero as your license manager. Hit the Update Licensing button to finish the setting.

Update your Integration Setting

As you have changed you’re licensing from EDD to WooCommerce in the previous step you need to connect your website again. Go to Integrations from the sidebar menu.

Select the name of your site and the plugin/theme that you have created for your WooCommerce plugin. Hit the Update Connection button to finish.

Test & Sync Orders For License Migration From Easy Digital Downloads To WooCommerce

Congratulations! You have reached the last step. Now, perform a test buy to confirm. Purchase the products with all the formalities and then check-out. After the order confirmation, you will see a License generated for you to use.

If you go the Licenses part from the plugin analytics sidebar you will notice that the exact license already synced with Appsero.

These are steps to migrate licenses from Easy Digital Downloads to WooCommerce.

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