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Push to Deploy

Automatically release a new version of your Plugin or Theme from GitHub or Bitbucket. Push your project tags to GitHub or Bitbucket to create a new release in Appsero and the user will get an automatic update from Appsero.

Video Tutorial

Please watch the following video tutorial to do a release.

Connect With GitHub or Bitbucket

To connect your profile with GitHub or Bitbucket go to the Integrations page.

  • It’s important that you only connect Github or Bitbucket. Not both for your free plugin.

Then click on the Connect button of your project Git repository manager.

Now go to your specific project’s Integrations page and select the repository for your Plugin or Theme.

Make Sure You Are Connected with Your Account

Go to the Appsero Dashboard’s Integration page. Make sure you have connected your account with Appsero.

Install dependencies

To install dependencies your repository must contain both composer.json and composer.lock files. If these two files are present then Appsero will automatically run composer install for you.

Remove Files or Folder From Production

Add a JSON file in the root directory called appsero.json and add an array with exclude key.

    "exclude": [

Custom Directory Name

By default we use project slug for your Plugin or Theme directory name, But you have option to change it. Add directory name with key name in appsero.json file.

    "name": "push-to-deploy"

Give Proper Changelog, Update Readme & Main function file

  • Add a changelog in tag message. Don’t add -m flag in your tag command. Please look at the example below.
  • Update your readme file with the latest version tag. If you are pushing version 1.6, make sure it’s reflected on your file
  • Update your main function file with the proper version tag. If you are pushing version 1.6, make sure it’s the same on your main function file.

Deploy to from Git Account

You can deploy directly from your Git account to by running the following command.

$ git tag -a "v1.2.3"

Then you will need to push the tag to your branch (which you selected while configuring push to deploy).

$ git push origin master  
$ git push origin {tag name}

Watch the Terminal Video to Know How it Works

A success or failed email will send to your email address after processing the project files.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how you can deploy a plugin/theme from your Git account to

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