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Email Branding

Appsero sends an automatic email every time a customer purchases your product. This happens immediately after generating a license using Appsero. That way your users will get confirmation of the purchase.

Let’s see how to setup the emails.

Email Branding with Appsero

Appsero sends the following email whenever there is a successful purchase. You can customize the branding settings for your email.

Email Branding Appsero

Customizing Branding Settings

Email branding is a global feature. Changing it once will apply the same branding for all your projects. If you want separate branding, upgrade to Teams.

settings from appsero dashboard

On the next page you will find all the options to set your email.

Email options

Brand Name: You need to set your brand name. That will appear in the email.

Reply-To Email: Set your email account on which the customer will reply to.

Logo: Upload your brand logo.

My Account Link: If you are using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads as your selling platform, then you can enter your “My Account” page of WooCommerce. If you are using Easy Digital Download, use the Purchase History page link of your website.

Currency: Set the currency your customer will be purchasing.

Timezone: Set your timezone.

How to set the plugin/theme icon inside email?

Answer: The plugin/theme icon inside email is fetched from Appsero.

You can set plugin/theme icon by going Appsero Dashboard -> Specific plugin/theme’s Settings->Edit

Email Branding 1

How to Make the Download Button Working?

You might have a question like “Why isn’t the download button working on the purchase email?

Email Branding 2

Answer: For the download button inside the email to work, you have to Release a copy of your plugin or theme. Then, the download button will offer your users download to the most recent version of your release. work.

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