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Deactivation Auto Responder

When someone deactivates the plugin, you can configure the auto responder feature for each deactivation type and have granular control over every response.

If you would like to enable Deactivation Auto Responder then click on a plugin or a theme. Under the Email option, you will find an option called Auto Responder. Click on it.

Navigation Auto responder

Enable Deactivation Auto Responder

Deactivation Auto Responder has been enabled. Now enable reason wise Auto Responder and edit the messages.

Auto Responder Messages

After clicking on the Edit button you will get a form with email subject and email body.

Message For

Fill up the form with email’s Subject and Body. This email will be sent to the customer for this deactivation. Finally, click on Update button.

Deactivation Auto Responder has been enabled successfully. Now Appsero will email customer if they deactivate the Plugin/Theme.

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