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Help Scout Integration

Appsero now has Help Scout Integration, a famous platform to give support. With this new integration, you can provide support under 5 minutes.

Let’s see the steps on how to integrate Appsero with Help Scout.

Steps For Help Scout Integration

Step 1: Click on the Integration button from the Appsero Dashboard.

HelpScout Integration

Step 2: Copy the Call Back URL and the Secret Key that Appsero will provide you.

callback url, secret key

Step 3: Now head over to your Help Scout account and Click Manage > Apps.

Adding Appsero HelpScout Integration

Step 4: Now search “Build a Custom App” and click on it.

build custom apps HelpScout Integration

Step 5: Now, give fill up the following fields like the following.

  • App Name: Give an app name. You can use “Appsero” as the app name.
  • Content-Type You must select “Dynamic” here.
  • Callback URL: Copy and paste the callback URL from Step 1.
  • Secret Key: Copy and paste the secret key from Step 1
  • Mailboxes: Select the Mailboxes where you want to use Appsero HelpScout integration.
Adding information

Hit Save to finish.

Step 6: If you now log in to your Help Scout account, you will see a new sidebar named Appsero.

You will find important information like

  • Orders
  • Subscription
  • Products
  • License Keys
  • License Expiration Date

All from one convenient place.

Appsero HelpScout integration

That’s how you can enjoy the Appsero + Help Scout integration.

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