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Appsero now has superior permission management for each user “Teams“. It works as a role manager where you can create a team with individual projects and assign them with particular roles.

It will help you restrict users and ensure better management of the projects.

Let us see how you are going to setup.

Setting Up Teams

Teams is a premium feature. You must upgrade to Teams to use this feature.

On the right hand side of your Appsero Dashboard, you will find a drop-down menu where you are going to find the the option “Teams“. Click on it.

Now, click on the New Team button for creating a new team.

A pop-up menu will appear where you need to write down you team name. Hit the Submit button.

You can see your Team is created.

Adding Members To The Team

To add members to the team, click on the team name and you will the find the button called Add Members.

You will get another pop-up menu. Write down the email of the member and also select the role .

  • Manager (The highest authority – can access everything)
  • Developer (Has access to developer-related stuff)
  • Marketing (Has access to marketing-related stats)
  • Support (Has access to support-related stats)

You can find the restrictions for each role. Just select one of the roles and you will automatically see. For example. if you choose the role “Manager“, he/she will get all the access.

However, if you choose “Developer” you can see there are some features that the developer’s team cannot access.

Change Role

You can change your team member role any time you want. Just click on the “…” icon and click on Change Role option.

Select the role you want to assign your Teams member to.

After selecting the role, click on Submit to finish.

You will see the role of that particular Teams member has changed.

Adding Projects/Moving Existing Projects to Teams

To add a project, click on the Projects button on top of the menu bar and you will see a drop-down menu with the name of the plugins. You need to add plugins first in order to get them in the drop-down menu.

Moving Existing Projects To Team

You can also move your existing projects from your personal account to Teams account. Search your existing plugin/theme name and add it under your team. Your existing project will be moved to team.


In the Settings option, you can edit the Team name, add a logo, and also delete the team when you are done with the project.

That is how you can easily set up the Teams feature on Appsero.

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