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How to Become a WordPress Developer: 5 Tactics from Expert WordPress Developers

The first version of WordPress was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Day by day it’s getting bigger for being the most reliable and simplistic platform for all types of content management systems online. For primary users, it’s free to use, but advanced options may cost periodic subscription fees. 

The employment and business opportunities that WordPress offers are limitless. No matter how much sugar-coated sweet talk we elaborate, developing an expert-level understanding of WordPress will be tough.

When we search for a suitable plugin or theme for our website management, developers play a vital role there.  

So, if you want to build different types of useful digital products for WordPress, then you must read our blog about how to become a WordPress developer. Don’t worry! You are in the right place. 

In this article, we will try to deliver you all the possible ways to be a great and demandable developer. If you already have some pre-existing expertise in website management and other stuff, then it will take less time to grasp. 

  1. What is Your Reason to Become an Expert WordPress Developer?
  2. How to Become a WordPress Developer- 5 Genuine Tips
  3. Why WordPress Development a Great Career Move?

Choosing WordPress Development as Your Career

how to become a wordpress developer

You can learn WordPress for a full-time endeavor, part-time job, only for social blogging, or manage your business online. 

Or maybe more particularly, 

  • Expect to customize your website more functional and appropriate than default options.
  • Want to develop your own set of plugins 
  • Want to make money through developing WordPress resources. 
  • Contribution to the WordPress community itself may be your ultimate goal. 
  • Becoming an expert in WordPress opens new job opportunities. 
  • Maybe you are just a learner who wants something new. 

Yet, there are no limitations on how much stuff you will get done. Some people learn WordPress to manage all of the above things. But, we can never argue about some of the best opportunities that WordPress can bring. 

How to Become a WordPress Developer- 5 Genuine Tips

How to Become a WordPress Developer

Everyone is different, and their approaching abilities are different too. One may learn one subject in a day, yet others might take several days to grasp the idea. However, some initial tricks go favorable to all general audiences. 

So, these tips would help you to get a proper guideline on how to become a WordPress developer. Still, there is so much to learn and imply in this field. For the learning process, consider these tips fundamental.  

1. Start Learning Programming Languages

Know Your Initial Programming Languages

Before working in any website management platform, programmers used the C language for all types of programming works. The starting ages of programming were simple and required many programs to do any work. However, the situation right now has changed. 

The current website industry is a cutthroat business, and everyone is trying to be unique with their products and website. So, programmers and developers focus on multiple languages for website development

Here are some crucial programming language that will come in handy while you get started, 



This language is pretty simple and requires less coding to generate a good layout. You can use this language for the starting point of your static web pages. 



The best use of CSS is the style preferences, such as background, layout, color, and font size. These small elements can truly change the overall outlook of the website. 



When you have a desire to be an expert in WordPress then you must know MySQL. Here, it’s not necessary to know every nitty-gritty about this language. This is for the persons who want to work on the backend areas of a website.

Another server-side programming language is PHP and it is the backend of WordPress. So, you have to know this language. If you can spend 3 months learning PHP, you will pass the beginner level as a developer. Another cruicial sector is Laravel, it helps a lot to finish many projects. And, thus developers can earn a huge money with it. 


If you want to make an easy layout for your website, then Python should be your priority. The main attraction of Python is, it uses simple commands and straightforward syntax for the base. One of the renowned Python-based websites is Pinterest. 



This language is used to add small elements to your website, resulting in a more vivid approach. The exciting thing is JAVASCRIPT’s primary functionality is built in the new Gutenberg editor of WordPress. 

These languages work differently and will create different outcomes. There are many other beginner-friendly languages out there, but these are the best. 

The goal of this list is to inform you about some crucial programming languages. You don’t have to learn all the above languages. However, if you think you need to focus somewhere, then you can start with HTML and CSS as your first languages. 

Other than programming languages, here is a list of things you should focus on, 

  1. Learn about WordPress themes, layouts, and plugins. 
  2. It’s for advanced stages, but you can learn some crucial WordPress functions.
  3. There are different types of websites out there. You can learn more about websites. 

2. Understand All the Basic Key Components of WordPress as a Developer

Understand All the Basic Key Components of WordPress as a Developer

By essential components, we mean the parts that resemble WordPress. Building websites and plugins are not the only things that you can do if you learn WordPress. Maybe these are the core stuff, but not the whole picture. 

Learning WordPress is about, 

There are so many things you can do besides blogging and website building. For a beginner, it’s better to stick with only 1 or 2 stuff. Focusing on fewer lessons should help you to achieve the desired results. To manage objects, create a list of all the things you will learn in the upcoming weeks. 

Moreover, a resources list should help you stay organized while you complete your tasks. You may be thinking, what is a resource list? Well, this list will include all the things you will need to complete your session. The Internet, laptop, or PC is obligatory. So, consider these items a must. 

Other than physical items, some virtual items will also be mandatory to enrich your developement skills

Free Domain on the WordPress Website 

Before starting any course on WordPress, you should create a free account. This step is for complete beginners. So, if you already have a site, then consider not opening another one. You can do some little experiments in tests without any hesitation. 

Get Connected with the WordPress Developer.ORG

WordPress Developer.ORG is a dedicated site that allows learners to know about all the themes, plugins, API, and coding preferences. Everything you need to know about WordPress can be found here. You also can contact all the volunteer WordPress developers around the world. 

3. Choose a Specific Working Field 

Choose a Specific Working Field

In a more open approach, anyone who is incorporated with WordPress can be a WordPress developer. So, there are different types of WordPress developers who work in separate fields in WordPress development. In larger projects, many people in the same area can operate together. 

So, it’s better to choose a particular area and start your work from there. This way, you will be able to become a specialist in that field of work in no time. Let’s assume you are a freelance developer who creates plugins and themes for websites. Your job is to build different types of digital products for your clients. If you focus on this area for one or two years, you will be a master developer in no time.

Well, you should also read blogs to be up tp date and blogging through WordPress can assist you with that.

Prioritizing in one area will help you to overcome all the challenges in this versatile platform. However, you should always look to master other skills as well. 

4. Connect with Experts from Different WordPress Sectors 

Connect with Experts from Different WordPress Sectors

Gaining experience is the most crucial thing that helps a WordPress developer in the long run. The more you know, the better you can use your knowledge in the working field. One more thing is, developing a sense that you are always learning also helps to be an expert. 

However, it’s hard to wait for 2 or 3 years to achieve the required proficiency, when you can effortlessly get these experiences from an expert. This way, you will be able to keep on track and remain sane at the same time. However, gaining that knowledge from an expert can be a difficult task. WordPress developers are busy, and getting some of their time is nearly impossible. 

An expert can give you all the crucial information that no other WordPress developer course can provide you. Now you may be thinking about how to get in contact with an expert? Well, it depends on you. Thus, communication skill is an important trait that will assist you. 

To help you out, here are some out of the context tips- 

  • Try to get involved in many freelance or volunteer works and online working platforms.
  • Social media sites and messaging sites are also crucial. 
  • If an experienced WordPress developer is hosting a seminar, then try to take part in them. 
  • Join in social groups. 

Don’t forget to join WordPress Developer forum to contact with the experts.

5. Build a Development Environment to Grow

Build a Development Environment to Grow

Learning anything new may feel drastic at firsts. How to work as a WordPress developer? The answer is simple, create a local development area for yourself. 

A local development environment is a term used in the site management sector. When you use your own device and tools to administer your website, instead of operating under a web hosting provider company can be described as a local development environment. This workflow will let you modify your setup and develop a test site before launching the real one. 

Moreover, a local site will ensure all your testing and troubleshooting are in conduct when developing is confined within the system. Especially, operating in a live environment, such as a client site, can be a disaster. 

Concerning this, WordPress devs made it easy to set up a local development area for beginners. 

You will need these to create a local development area, 

Server Stack

The collection or combined form of multiple different software that builds a functioning base on a given machine. This pile will complete a task that will need various software at the same time. 

Server stacks, such as WAMP, MAMP, and LAMP, are compatible with different operating systems. 

Apart from that, if you want to be a successful WordPress developer, you must follow some WordPress blogs that will provide up to date news about WordPress development.

Text Editor 

After managing a server stack, you will need a text editor to work on your codes. Window notepad or MacBook Notepade++ are some standard notepads that you can choose. 

A coder must find the right text editor as s/he will spend a lot of time there. But after launching into the coding world at first, you may get puzzled. For them, we suggest you read the blog about the most suitable text editors for Programmer

Some people ask how to make money as a WordPress developer. For them, we will suggest a blog here- How You Earn Money as a Developer.

Why Becoming a WordPress Developer is a Great Career Move? 

Why WordPress Development a Great Career Move

Jobs should offer good salaries, comfortable working space, and a suited community to hang out. If all these requirements are fulfilled, jobs will feel more fun than tiresome work. Your career in WordPress can bring all these things together because everyone has a part to complete. 

Moreover, even a solo freelancer can feel the same way. One more thing is you can continually improve and never stop, making your work more valuable and maximizing your earning potential. 

Here are some reasons that make WordPress a great career in the technical fields. 

Better, Bigger, and Helpful Community

The WordPress community is large and increasing every day. You can find WordPress developer skills, WordPress developer jobs, different working sectors, theme ideas, Plugins, and much more. If you get confused or hesitate with something, you can always ask the community. Some online platforms are dedicated to teaching WordPress resources completely free, which makes the learning affordable. 

Get Different Challenges to Solve

Get Different Challenges to Solve

To build a website structure, anyone may need to add many other things to make it more presentable to the audience. For that, they have to put multiple beautiful elements on their website, such as color pallet, parallax, white space, etc. Moreover, speed optimization can also be a concerning thing for them. 

However, they will face problems while adding these components to the website. They may have to find a different set of plugins, addons, or a snippet of code to apply various elements. In that case, if the product has problems or bugs, the developer has to solve them on time. And, developers like to find out the solution for any problem. So, you will be able to solve multiple issues while managing a product.

Here is the crucial part, the primary functions of WordPress drive the user to make good decisions, research, experiment with new things, and find solutions to problems.

Increasing your WordPress knowledge will also improve your freelancer skills. So, before getting into the official work field don’t forget to know how to become a freelance WordPress developer.

Explore Fascinating Work Flow

Explore Fascinating Work Flow

There is no doubt that websites are magnificent media to promote one’s vision. If you are an artist or a photoshop illustrator and drawing a human body, you will have to put many details in shape, size, color depth, and patterns. 

The same things go for a WordPress developer. Creating a foundation of the website, developing blog posts on several subjects, adding movable elements, maximizing your SEO, and making your website speed optimized will require a lot of preparation and workflow. Website navigation menus can connect hundreds of pages with the main home page. 

WordPress simplifies these processes to make them simple and understandable to newcomers. Planning and being productive in WordPress is less tiring than in other work sectors. 

That means after getting touched with WordPress, you will have not only developer job. You can join multiple job sectors with out any hassle.

Communication with the World

Having good communication skills is everything in this fast-forwarding world. Blog-posts are great ways to practice and become an expert in communication. The more you write, the more you learn about any topic. 

Beginning your journey in WordPress blogging will effectively increase your communication skills. 

WordPress can be translated into more than 60 languages, which makes it more acceptable for many users. 

If you don’t prefer English, then you can easily change it to your preferred language.  

Your hardworking will spread all over the world with WordPress. Themes and plugin translation can be done automatically.

Research and Analysis 

Research and Analysis: How to become a wordpress developer

WordPress developers have to be adaptable more than any other corporate job. Anything can happen, such as google changed its search algorithm, your website organic traffic decreased, or you are getting bad reviews from products. To make the development wheel running, WordPress developers adopt a lot. 

Research and analysis help to adapt the outcome into a successful one. While learning WordPress, you will increase your research and distill information from anywhere. You will permanently increase your knowledge of that particular subject and refine it in your way. 

Having good researching knowledge and the ability to use that information precisely is an impressive achievement. You can adapt to any particular change and make your outcomes successful. 

Technical Expertise in WordPress

Technical Expertise in WordPress

In the corporate job fields, candidates are chosen based on their overall knowledge about a particular subject. Other circular skills are appreciated too. 

Expertise in technical fields, such as coding, writing, and web development is highly prioritized more than other skills. At least one of the skills will be required for the job. When you are developing your skills in WordPress, you will automatically learn these skills. Some job companies even hire for only expertise in WordPress. 

So, learning WordPress enables you to get knowledge in other technical fields too, and makes you a stronger candidate for any job. 

WordPress Level Determination

WordPress Level Determination

By saying WordPress level determination, we meant your current expertise in this field. Knowing your current state of competence in this field will help you to go further. Moreover, you will exactly know how much and in which areas you need to put more effort. 

And, one more thing is, WordPress developer salary depends on the level of expertise of a candidate. So, experts get more than intermediates and beginners. 

WordPress is a roaring website management platform and increasing its popularity every day. From beginner to core expert, in the WP community, you will find all kinds of people working together. 

Some of the statistics from 2019 show that-

  • 40% of the Internet is based on WordPress. (
  • In 2020, the number of WP-based websites on the web is over 75 million.
  • 409 million people view more than 20 million WP-based web pages each month. ( 

There are 3 levels of expertise as a developer. Let’s explore them together.

a) Beginner

People in this stage are entirely new to WordPress and are figuring out the primary components. They are learning the short terms such as CMS application, blog post creation, article posting, SEO optimization, plugin preferences, etc. Some experience in coding and writing should help them to catch up on things fast. 


One of the problems with beginners is, they get confused with where to start. This confusion will lead them to stop them from learning midway. To solve this problem, beginners should seek help from tutorial videos, blog posts, and articles to enrich their knowledge. 

If you are a beginner, then leave the paid courses for the intermediate level. The thing is 90% of the required resources you can find online for free but unorganized. 

b) Intermediate 

Intermediate users know all the understanding of WP development. They are running their website, know basic PHP, coded their plugin, and personalize their website. They have a particular goal and are determined to fulfill that. 

However, these learners want to do more experiments with their already gained knowledge and increase their experience. Intermediates should connect with the community to stay on course. 

Moreover, you can get into some online courses. Online courses may feel a bit exaggerated. But, they will represent an organized set of study materials, which should help you with fast learning. You can check some of the best online course platforms out there, such as Udemy, Skillshare, Podia, and Kajabi. WordPress online courses should enable you to learn more outside the WP-sector.  

c) Expert

Expert developers are creating many job opportunities for others and as well as developing their own. Some experts built their business through websites, some are teaching new people, and others are doing jobs for organizations. 

thinking of expert developer

Besides having technical knowledge, in their long professional life, they also get to know how to sell a WordPress plugin or theme. That means, they get the marketing guideline to selling digital products in WordPress.

You can now ask, how long it takes to become a WordPress developer? Well, it takes years of experience and passion to be an expert WordPress developer. Anyone can be an expert; all you have to do is stick to the program. Don’t listen to the people who say, “you don’t have what it takes to be an expert.” Consider them as some inferior obstacles between you and your goal, ready to be thrown in the trash. 

If you want to know how to make money with WordPress themes, then don’t forget to follow this blog- How to sell and make WordPress themes.

Start Your Journey as a WordPress Developer

Before learning WordPress if you have thoughts like can I make money making WordPress websites, we would say get out of that as soon as possible. Unless the practical outcome meets, you have to work nonstop. So, there will be a lot to do and many problems to face. Reading guides, talking with experts, taking online courses, and being a rookie in this field for a year will not be easy. 

However, if you pass the problems and obstacles, a bright future awaits you as a WordPress developer. And, one thing is you will never run out of work, even if you are not employed in a company. 

So, have you enjoyed your learning time? If you have any questions on how to become a WordPress developer, then let us know. 

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