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How To Hire WordPress Developers Online: Follow 5 Simple Steps

Skilled employees are always an asset to a company. Because their contributions directly impact the company’s growth & success.

A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure

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Applying the traditional recruitment process in today’s digital era is somehow not wise. For instance, it can waste your time, money, and you may not be able to find qualified developers for your company.

Anyways, if you’re looking to hire WordPress developers for your plugins or theme development, just simply prepare a strategic recruitment process; apply it smartly.

So, to help you out, we are going to show 5 easy steps to hire the desired developers for your plugins/themes. But before we start, you need to have a look at the question below!

What are the Qualities an Ideal Developer Must Have?

How To Hire WordPress Developers Online
Hire WordPress Developers

To hire a developer for any developing project is somehow a daunting task. As a recruit manager, you may have to go through a series of challenges to find the fittest developer for the position.

That’s why you should note down key points and prepare your strategy before any recruitment process. So in case of hiring a developer, you should follow the similar way.

The hiring process can be long and potentially expensive


Okay, let’s check out the following points that you should look for while hiring a developer.

Note: Different hiring processes have different traits & intentions, so the following listing is for the in-general hiring process.

  • Must have the ability to produce ideas
  • Passionate about coding & should have technical skills
  • Have to focus on his/her given task
  • Find humble people with Guts 
  • Have to be a fast self-learner
  • Should be loyal & have positive energy
  • Team player and problem solver
  • Be ready to fix bugs and issues
  • Analyze data & execute for the next plan

How to Structure Your Developer Hiring Process

How To Hire WordPress Developers Online
How to Hire WordPress Developers

Well, the time has come up to demonstrate the process of hiring developers to you. So if you want to ensure an error-free recruitment process and want to get your expected developer, you should carefully follow the below instructions.

Let’s get started:-

01. Create a Job Post with Essential Information

First of all, you have to create a job information post. This process may seem a little bit long but the steps are easy to follow. In this case, you’ll need to use the recruitment feature to get started with.

Okay, let’s see how you can create a job post giving all the necessary information from your WordPress site.

Step One

First, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HR → Recruitment → Add Opening.

How to hire WordPress developers

Here, enter Title and basic description. After completing with that click on the Next button.

Developer recruitment

Step Two

In this step, you’ll be going to create the job workflow. Basically, this step will tell you how you will be going to operate the hiring process. Also, it will help you to stay in a structure or format.

Sample workflow can be such as:-

  • Initial Phone call
  • First interview Day (general assessment or exam) and sit with HR
  • Online project submission
  • Project review
  • Final Call for an interview or viva
  • Making an offer & confirming joining letter
Developer recruitment

If you want, you can simply Drag and drop these steps or create the steps manually. Then hit the Next button if you’re done.

Developer recruitment

Step Three

This is the core part of the hiring process. Here, you can set the requirements for the job post so that the candidates can easily acknowledge whether s/he is suitable for the post or not.

For example:-

  • Department name
  • Employee type
  • Experiences
  • Deadlines
  • Vacancy
  • And job schema (other information)
Developer recruitment

Note: You can also fill out the “Job Schema Information” so that your job post can easily appear on the search engine result pages.

Step Four

In this section, you can set the priority for the candidates so that they can fill the form with their real & valid information. So, after marking the checkboxes, no candidates can go forward until they answer that portion. And they will get like this *This field is required.

Developer recruitment

Final Step

In this final step, either you can finish the process or you can add some initial questions. Such as:-

  • How many years you have been professionally developing WP Plugin? 
  • Please provide the WP Plugin info/link you have contributed as a developer. 
  • Do you have any self-developed plugin on wordpress.org? ( If Yes, Please provide the link) 
  • Please provide your WordPress.org Profile link. *What is your Salary Expectation?

Note: It is better if you create a questionnaire first before you make the recruitment form.

Developer recruitment

So after you click on the ‘Create Question Set‘, you’ll get a page that allows you to add questions. Then click on the Publish button when you’re done.

Create a job page

Finally, you could see the question set is ready to be used. Just simply add the questions. And click on the Finish button. That’s it!

Create a job page

02. Prepare a Job Posting Page with Brand Promotion

Next, you need to create a job posting page. With this page, you’ll be going to display the job details for your candidates. So, try to keep this page professional & lucrative so that it can easily persuade employees’ minds to apply for the job.

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To do that, navigate to the WordPress Dashboard>Pages>Add New Page. And then give a title of the page.

Create a job page

Next, to create a job opening page, simply copy the short-code [erp-job-list] & paste this into the page. And hit the Publish button.

Create a job page

This is how the Job Posting Page looks when you publish new job openings.

hire WordPress developers

So here’s the final view of your job details for the position of WordPress developers.

hire WordPress developers

03. Include an Online Exam or a Series of Exams for The Candidates

Earlier in the final section, we have shortly showed how to add a question set in the application. But now we’ll deeply talk about it and show how you can take an online preliminary exam of your candidates.

To set questions for the candidates, again open your job and move to the final step. And click on the ‘Create Question Set‘ button.

Online exam

Either you can stay with some simple questions or you can ask different questions related to the development fields.

Here are the sample questions:-

  • Tell us about a project you’re particularly proud of. What did you do that so that it worked well?
  • Tell us a project that disappointed you. What would you want to change?
  • What’s hard about coding?
  • How do you do testing? And what do you think about this? How would you improve QA?
  • How are you keeping up with the latest developments in web development?
  • Talk about your preferred development environment
  • What are some of your best soft skills?
  • When have you solved a problem that didn’t involve you coding?
  • You can’t work out how to solve a coding problem. What do you do to find the answer?
  • What do you think of pair programming? And have you ever done it?

So to add these question to the job circular, navigate to the page and add them one by one.

Preparing online exam

After that if a candidate comes to apply for the developer post, s/he will have to go through these questions.

Developer hiring process

However, if you’re looking to use different online meeting tools to communicate with your teammates or want to take different online exams, you can check out this guide on free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate with Your Team.

04. Review Online Exam Sheets, Provide Feedback and Make a Shortlist

So after applying for the job, candidates will see the successful message. And the initial information of that particular candidates will be saved on the admin area.

how to take an interview

Anyways, from the admin view, you can check each of every candidate’s details, CV, and also online exam answers. To navigate employee’s id, click on the WP ERP>HR>Recruitment>Candidates.

Shortlisting candidates

Next, click on the candidates profile that you want to see the details.

Candidates profile

Here you can find some options to comment on a candidate profile; give reviews. If a candidate meets the criteria, you can easily change the stage for him/her. And then you can select them for the next stage.

Candidates profile

Clicking on the Exam Details you can view the candidate’s answers. So you can easily check out them and put your feedback in the comment section.

Candidates profile

On the other way, you can directly reject the applicant, if s/he is not fit for the post through an email.

Interview workflow

05. Time To Sit for a Direct Interview & Get Your Desired Resource

So after analyzing all the information, you can fix an interview date. To do that, click on the New Interview and the window will appear. This is how you can create an initial shortlist.

Note: To shortlist candidates, you will need to select employee’s profile individually and apply the same process one by one.

Interview process

After that the candidate will move to the 2nd stage.

Interview process

So this is how you can create the shortlist of the candidates by moving them from one stage to the closing stage and finalize the hiring process.

Interview process

Finally, fill the form with some basic information of your desired candidate. And click on the Hire Employee.

Interview process

So following the above instructions you can hire WordPress developers for your company, team, or projects.

However, if you want to create a job recruitment site, you can check out the following guide👇

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Bonus: Where to Advertise Your Job Posts

Job Advertisement

While hiring WordPress developers, most of the time owners make mistake by posting the job almost every website. As a result, people randomly apply for the job that hampers the regular process of sorting and shortlisting proper candidates.

Therefore, Ahmad Awais, TEDx Speaker & GitHub Star Award winner, expressed that:-

The best way to hire a good WordPress developer is to look at their GitHub profile, the code, and the open-source contributions they make

So including GitHub, here are 4 more top reliable platforms where you can genuinely hire WordPress developers for your WordPress site or business.

Which Tool You Can Use To Make The Hiring Process Easier


Hiring the best employee for a company from thousand of applicants is not an easy task. It takes time, effort & money to finish the entire process. That’s why the company’s owners should rely on different automation tools to make the hiring process even better & error-free.

This is where WP ERP comes to play the role here. For your information, it is the first automated open source ERP software for WordPress. It’s a compact database management system that allows you to manage, store & generate reports in real-time.

In order to manage employees super fast, the HRM module of WP ERP lets you automate all HR admin activities in an organized way that:-

  • Helps you to Recruit employees from one dashboard
  • Lets you to manage employees
  • Manages all company information
  • Adds & list departments & designations
  • Creates employee profiles with editing privilege
  • Manages holidays
  • Manages employee advance leave & leave policies
  • And lastly, generates report based on employee age & gender, headcount, salary, year of service, etc.

However, you can check out the guide below to know the importance of using an automated tool for increasing the HR workflow.

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Question 1: How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

Answer: For freelancer developers, according to their expertise you can pay from 10$ to 250$ hourly. When it comes to the professional and long-term developer the price will increase. Most of the time these developers will work with you by setting a contract, like- they will fix your site within 6 months and you have to pay $3,000 – $26,400 monthly. In a nutshell, the price range depends on your project and the developer’s expertise.

Question 2: What should you consider when hiring a WordPress developer?

Answer: The developer must have-
– Essential technical skills
– Hard-core knowledge in fundamental languages of WordPress
– WordPress site optimization knowledge
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) awareness
– Proficiency in PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML

Question 3: What is the difference between WordPress Developers and Web Developers?

Answer: There are multiple types of web platforms on the internet. WordPress is among them and the most popular one. A WordPress developer is a person who codes only inside the WordPress platform. On the other hand, a web developer is one who codes for a website. This person is not a specified developer.

Over To You

hire wordpress developers

This post intends to show the easiest & simplest process of hiring WordPress developers. And using the WP ERP HRM module, you can save time & effort to manage, supervise, and hire potential candidates smartly.

Also, the Recruitment extension of WP ERP HRM has an organized workflow to manage your job openings and the hiring process. So simply install the plugin & find your need to hire WordPress developer with ease.

Anyways, if you have anything to say regarding the tutorial part, please feel free to put your query in the comment section. We’ll happily answer your all queries🙂

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