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Laragon: The Best Localhost Server for WordPress

Don’t you use XAMPP when developing web applications locally? The answer is pretty yes for all developers. Because it is an open-source cross-platform web server and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. Web-developers primarily use this local server.

Have you ever tried any alternatives of XAMPP? Well, Laragon can be an excellent choice for you. It is a new aspect of XAMPP or WAMP and the best localhost server for web-developers. 

If you are using two of them then you are must suffer from the known headaches. Like, being left in red or orange and that time the server doesn’t allow to work. But Laragon runs from the first minute and it will please you with well-coordinated tools. In this article, we will discuss why everyone is using Laragon, the simplest way to install it, and the difference between XAMPP, WAMP, and Laragon. 

What is Laragon? 

What is Laragon?

Laragon is a fast, portable, isolated, and most importantly a powerful universal development environment for different programming languages. Like- 

  • Python
  • js
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node
  • Go 
  • Ruby

Laragon is lightweight, thus it is faster than others. Moreover, you will find it easy-to-use and easy-to-extend. Building and managing advanced web applications is more relaxed now for developers. 

Highlights of Laragon- A Reliable WordPress Localhost Server

We can bet, after knowing the features of Laragon you will install it at least once to analyze the efficiency. The most fascinating part of this server is, it stays as lean as possible. Let’s see what will make you fall in love with Laragon.

Small Storage

The core binary of Laragon is less than 2 MB. When it starts running, uses less than 4 MB RAM. That means your PC or Laptop will not be stuck up anymore to run a localhost server

Pretty URL

With Laragon you will use the app.test instead of the localhost/app.

Own Management System

Laragon doesn’t need to use Windows or Mac services. It has its own service orchestration. Orchestration is the automated form, coordination, and management of computer systems. It manages services asynchronously and non-blocking. Thus, everything will run faster and smoother than ever before. 


Can you imagine moving a localhost server from one disk to another disk or laptop? We know it is like a daydream. But not anymore, Laragon has made it possible. So change your PC or laptop, whenever you want. 

Highlights of Laragon- Best Localhost Server
Source: Webtechriser

Easy Operation

All the other localhost servers pre-config for you and at that point, Laragon auto-configs all the complex things. That means you add different versions of- 

  • Go
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby
  • Java

without any effort. 


To always clean your system Laragon contains an isolated environment with your operating system. 

Modern & Powerful

The architect of Laragon is modern and it is perfect to create modern web applications. Working with Apache & Nginx will be a great experience as they are fully managed. 

Besides all of these features, this best localhost server can make your task a lot more peaceful within just a click. Like- 

  • Enabling or disabling a PHP extension
  • Having a WordPress CMS
  • Displaying local projects to the clients

The GUI of Laragon

  • Simple to install and upgrade: You can download the latest version just by clicking Next, Next…
  • Quite effortless to use: You don’t have to touch any configuration file. 
  • Extend how you want: Include other services by only extricating them to the bin folder of Laragon.

Advantages of Using Laragon Localhost Server

Advantages of Laragon- The Best Localhost Server
Source: Waysquare
  • Support multi PHP version
  • Support CMDER terminal
  • Strong database management system with HeidiSql
  • Change ports effortlessly
  • Activating Memcache, Redis
  • Create applications quickly with GUI application
  • Share local site for the public with Ngrok 
  • Email management
  • SSL activation
  • Fast & lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • easy-to-extend
  • Powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. 

How to install Laragon

Download the latest Laragon from here. You will find 3 types of Laragon there. 

  • Laragon Full
  • Laragon Lite
  • Laragon Portable
How to install Laragon

The installation process of Laragon is so easy that you don’t need any direction. Though we will share some screenshots with you to understand the steps smoothly.

Folder setup for laragon

As Laragon is isolated you are free to choose your working or formal folder. After installing you can move it anywhere you want.

Laragon installation

After clicking Next you will get a window like the below-

Ready to install the best localhost server

Press install.

Installing laragon

You can see Laragon is installing in your PC.

Completing the Laragon setup Wizard

Installation is complete.

Control panel

Now, this window will appear in front of you. Click on the Menu (Beside the Laragon logo)

Now go to the Quick App. Then click on Laravel and a tiny window will appear. It will ask you to name the Laravel project.

create laravel project

Type your desire name and click Ok

how Laragon bootstraps Laravel project looks behind the scene

Now, see how Laragon bootstraps Laravel project looks behind the scene

Done creating laravel project

It’s done now.

That’s it. You have successfully installed Laragon.

XAMPP Vs. WAMP Vs. Laragon

XAMPP is a mere 149MBWAMP is around 518MBLaragon is 2MB
Not easy to installInstallation is tougher than XAMPPEasy to install
Not portableNot portablePortable anywhere
Need to touch the configuration fileNeed to touch the configuration fileDon’t need to touch any configuration file
Control panel has Start and Stop buttonGraphical user interface helps to switch on or offControl Panel has Start and Stop button
MySQL runs the database management systemMySQL runs the database management systemHeidiSQL runs the database management system

Final Thoughts on Best WordPress Localhost Server Laragon

Still most of the developers use XAMPP to test their products on local host and the experience is not good. Laragon can be the best localhost server for them.

You have gone through the installation process. Isn’t it easier? If you visit the site of Laragon you can see lots of recommendations for this server. Because the experience is way better and most importantly, quite comfortable. So, we will recommend you to use Laragon from today as your localhost server.

If you have any questions about Laragon, please knock us in the comment section below. Have a nice day!

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