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Appsero Features You can Use to Deploy Plugin without Using SVN

Do you feel trouble while releasing your plugin or theme? Because you need to first build your plugin in Github then transfer it to SVN and finally push it to as it doesn’t support Github.

This release process is lengthy and time killing for most of the developers when they use SVN. You may know that you will need lots of time only for setting up. The time is about 24 hours long.

We are offering you a way where firstly, you need to just connect Github. And, secondly, add a command git commit && git push to deploy your plugin. Tada! Your plugin is there for your users!

Are you excited to know what is the way? Well, it’s called Appsero.

In this article, we will describe what can you do with Appsero or the available features of this awesome developer assisting tool.

Effective Appsero Features to Deploy Plugin Effortleslly

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If you want to reduce your deployment time up to 3X, you can use Appsero. No matter where (GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab) you push your new product, Appsero takes care of your deployment auto-magically! Here, let us introduce you to some mystic features of Appsero.

Automatic Update & Deployment

This Appsero feature provides auto-updates for your premium plugins and themes just like the free ones on

Release New Version From Anywhere

The most painful phase of a developer is connecting to multiple platforms to show his/ her creation to the world. If you are using GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab, you can still push your newly built plugin. Because Appsero supports all of them.  

No matter where you push your plugin or theme, an automatic update will be rolled out to the users depending on the release webhooks.

Deploy with Appsero

In Appsero you can directly deploy your new versions of Themes and Plugins. End users will see the update notification in the same way. The user will get it as WordPress continous deployment.

appsero feature: automatic update deployment

Delivery Ensured

As a developer, you better know that just building a plugin is not the end of the process. The plugin builders need to fix bugs and keep updating the tool as the user requirements. Honestly, they do but sometimes the fixes don’t reach every user. 

After using Appsero, you don’t have to think about it. Appsero makes sure that everyone will get the update in their dashboard and you get to know who updated on which date. 

Moreover, Analytics, Software Licensing, Automatic Updates, Deactivation autoresponder, Email list building – everything is in one place. Undoubtedly a plugin or theme developer will feel relief while using Appsero. 

Deactivation Auto Responder

Plugin deactivation is a common phenomenon. But, do you know why your active installation number is falling every day. This Appsero feature will let you find out the reason for deactivation. Plus, you can fulfill the demands of your users.

Capture Deactivation Reasons

When your users deactivate your plugin, you just know that the number is decreasing. But this feature captures the actual deactivation reasons directly from the abandoning users and act according to them. 

It provides what matters most to them. You need to just gain the information and retain users easier than ever.

Deactivation reason finding appsero feature

Leverage the CRM Function

After getting the deactivation reasons the system set & trigger different messages. If the users get messages with a personal touch, it can go a long way to stay connected and bringing back the leaving clients.

Email Digest

This feature will give you a regular update on user opt-in and deactivation reports from your themes or plugins. So, now you can set how often (daily, weekly, or monthly) and when you want to receive them.

Software Licensing

Software licensing is one of the toughest jobs for a developer. In Appsero you can save time with a hassle-free software license management system. Besides that, maintaining all your premium products will not bother you.

Every Product Covered

Activate or deactivate licenses on your WordPress products is now much easier with Appsero’s licensing API. Envato, WooCommerce, and EDD – everything is integrated with Appsero.

WooCommerce As Selling Platform

Have you used the WooCommerce licensing system for your products yet? If not, then you can manage it from Appsero by syncing it with a few clicks. 

software lisencing appsero feature

Easy Digital Downloads As Selling Platform

Do you prefer Easy Digital Downloads for your themes or plugins? Well, then you will love to work with Appsero. Because EDD licensing can be managed with Appsero as well.

Envato As Selling Platform

If you are selling themes and plugins from the Envato marketplace already, you don’t have to migrate or anything. Appsero is applicable everywhere. 

These Appsero features not only help you to integrate all these necessary tools but also provide you the chance to focus in different sectors.

WordPress Analytics

Are you enable to customers analysis? Get real-time customer analysis for both your free & premium WordPress themes & plugins without any trouble. It is one of the effective features of Appsero.

Customer Behavior Data

Get to know who is using your products and how. Observe the activation/ deactivation growth rate and make data-driven decisions for product advancement.

WordPress Version Usage Stat

Here, you will know which WordPress version your customers use most. Then make your product more compatible and flawless for that one first.

Wprdpress Analysis

PHP Version & Server Software Analytics

Before adding new features or fixing previous issues of your plugins and themes, you have to do some tasks step by step. Firstly, know the PHP version, then discover the server software usage statistics, and finally, make better development decisions.

Localization Priority

Identify the language preferences of your customers by numbers. If you add translations or other locale-based features, clients will like to stay more active in your software.

Collaboration without any Disorder

Giving your plugin the crown of the best tool among the surrounding plugins is not a simple task. You need a team where every work will be done separately. Surprisingly, Appsero provides you the superior permission management to supercharge your team. 

team collaboration

Your plugin will get a huge response because of the right team collaboration in Appsero. 

How can You Work with the Team Through Appsero

Appsero presents you the wonderful feature for teamwork. You can-

  • Collaborate with other team members comfortably
  • Set permissions for each team member.
  • Control over your sensitive data precisely
  • Automate your whole workflow
  • Assign co-worker’s roles
  • Super Convenient
  • Organize software building processes effortlessly
  • Granular control over your sensitive data

Final Touch on Appsero Features

team work

So, do you like all those Appsero features to minimize your work-load? Well, Appsero is a free platform for developers. Yes, you heard that right! 

Appsero is right now in beta and all the features (and more!) are completely free to use. 

Our main motto is to provide a better experience for the WordPress industry experts. That’s why we say,

Appsero is Made with Love by WordPress experts for WordPress experts. 

Thus all Appsero features are currently free. YES, there is no trick here. Integrating Appsero with your plugin or theme won’t take than 5 minutes from your daily life. So, what are you waiting for!

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