Introducing Appsero: An All in One Solution for WordPress Developers that Doesn’t Break The Bank!

This is a big day for us here at weDevs. We are proud to unveil the latest product from weDevs- Appsero!

Appsero is a completely new SaaS platform for WordPress developers. We call it “A killer WordPress Analytics, Licensing & Deployment Tool.”

Appsero is a platform that empowers every WordPress developers out there with better tools to manage their plugins/themes. Whether you are marketing your product, pushing a new update to your plugin or theme or want to gather data about why your plugin is getting deactivated – Appsero has got you covered.

Purpose of Appsero: How It will Help You Win Your Game

The sole purpose of this solution is to help WordPress theme and plugin authors in building their products better for their users. We want to help every developer, every marketer, every decision-maker out there in the with their WordPress development.

Appsero offers more features that you possibly need to grow your product like a speeding rocket. Some of the most notable features are

  • Insightful User Analytics Data for your plugins/themes (deactivation reasons)
  • Complete License Management (Whether you use EDD/WooCommerce/Envato – we have got you completely covered)
  • Continuous Deployment (deploy directly from your Git account Github/Bitbucket to
  • Deploy new updates to your verified Pro users with ease.
  • Deactivation Responder (Send an email to your users whenever they deactivate your plugin).

As a result, the developers will be able to concentrate fully on their development tasks and have a clear idea about what to develop next. The ultimate target is to empower all plugin and theme developers to turn their products into a growth engine by providing actionable insights.

Everyone would be agreeing on the point that, developers need to stay focused on their work to ensure the best quality of the outcome. Taking care of customer relationships, business hassles, user behavior analytics – these aren’t actually their cup of tea.

However, building a proper product is no less than solving a big Jigsaw Puzzle. You need to have all the pieces in their place to elegantly solve one big problem. This is where Appsero comes to the rescue for all developers & marketers. Appsero can improve the productivity of your team up to 5x.

Appsero for themes & plugins
Appsero – A complete SaaS solution for plugin & theme developers

We all know that WordPress has two huge market – themes & plugins. So, the features of Appsero are built keeping the demands of both theme and plugin authors in mind. Appsero empowers all WordPress developers with the necessary tools to manage their WordPress business, that too under one roof, We think this will be a great addition to the WordPress ecosystem.

Get Insightful User Analytics with Ease

If you want to deliver value to your customers with your product, you need to listen to them. If you want to make your product stand out in the competition, you need to understand the voice of the users.

To better understand your products and users, there’s no alternative for collecting the usage analytics of your product. When you know why your users are loving your theme, or which features of your plugin are being used for which purpose, it’ll definitely be easier to shape your product better.

So, the number of active installs, installation growth, downloads, competitor analysis, most used languages, WordPress versions, PHP versions and etc. have great importance on WordPress product development. You get all of these insights represented in a beautiful way in Appsero.

Appsero- a solution for themes & plugins

All you need is to connect your plugin or theme with your Appsero account. The rest is taken care of by Appsero. You’ll be getting all the stats at your fingertips.

Keep a Bird’s Eye on Deactivation Reasons

Did you ever wonder why products? There many different reasons but we can agree on one thing. If the product is not serving users’ demand – it will not add much value to them. This is why you need to understand your users and build the product according to your users’ demands.

solution for themes & plugins
Deactivation Reasons Presented with Beautiful Charts

Appsero helps you capturing deactivation reasons from your users. That means, whenever a user deactivates your plugin or theme, a form will prompt him/her to share the reason for deactivation with you. You can easily set some common reasons so the users can share their opinion with one click. Or, they can always share their issues in detail by writing in the ‘Other’ field.

solution for wordpress developers
Deactivation Popup for plugins/themes inside WordPress installation

According to the different reasons you receive, you can set different customized and personalized messages to better explain your product. Better yet? You can export the whole deactivation reasons to CSV using date filters. This opens the possibility for further data analysis.

Complete License Management

If your theme is a premium one or you have both free and premium version of your plugin, you need to handle software licensing strictly.

But, setting up licensing for your plugin or theme is tough. On top of that, you may want to sell your products from different platforms. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could manage all your licenses from one central place?

Appsero cuts down the complexity with licenses in half.

Appsero- ultimate solution for wordpress developers
Whether you use Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce or Envato – Appsero has got you covered.

Appsero lets you manage the software licensing for all the popular systems from just one place. No matter whether you are selling your plugins, themes from your own site (using Easy Digital Downloads/WooCommerce) or selling them through some marketplace (like Envato), you can integrate the licensing of your product with Appsero under 5 minutes.

Introducing Appsero: An All in One Solution for WordPress Developers that Doesn't Break The Bank! 1

Pushing Updates to Your Pro Without Sweating

As long as you are providing free themes or plugins to your users through the official WordPress repo (, you don’t have to worry about offering automatic updates to all users. Because WordPress repo delivers them directly to the users’ dashboard.

But when it comes to premium plugins or themes, you definitely need to develop a system that will deliver plugin or theme updates to every paid user.

Appsero lets you deliver your regular updates to your premium users. When you are done developing the new update, you can either deploy it directly using Git (GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket) or you can release the pro version from the Appsero dashboard directly.

Appsero- solution for themes & plugins
Release Pro version from Appsero Dashboard

Here’s an overview of your release Dates

Introducing Appsero: An All in One Solution for WordPress Developers that Doesn't Break The Bank! 2

Just fill out a couple of fields and you can deploy an update to your Pro Users in minutes. All your premium users will get a notification in their WordPress dashboard and they can upgrade to the latest version of your plugin/theme conveniently.

Needless to say that you can push these premium version upgrades of your plugin/theme to verified users only.

Continuous Deployment for Both Free & Premium Plugins

Ok, how do I manage free plugin, hosted in the repository?

If you have a plugin hosted on WordPress repository – you will not have to manage licenses but how about pushing updates to

It’s been a while weDevs is working on the WordPress ecosystem, but for the last couple of years, we have been wasting too much time on maintaining those old SVN repositories. We have been fantasizing about a git-based plugin deployments workflow that will allow us to get away from those old SVN repositories.

We think that dealing with SVN should be a DevOps task. Something web developers should not be concerned with, in 2020. As a plugin/theme developer – you want to deploy something as early as possible to your users. You want to push the latest and greatest as soon as it’s available. That’s where Appsero’s Push to Deploy feature comes to help.

Connect your Git account, map your Git project with your account & BAM! You can release updates to your users under 30 seconds using a command like the following.

git tag -a v1.4 -m "my awesome plugin update version 1.4"

And that’s it. That’s how simple it is. You can do the same for your paid users too.

In short,

  • Deploy updates for free users from Git directly to repository.
  • Deploy updates for Pro users from Git and the update will reach all your verified premium users.

Deactivation Auto Responder

User retention plays a big role while selling your plugin and theme. You can go one step further with the deactivation workflow with Appsero. You can offer an automated email from Appsero to your users as soon as they deactivate. We call it “Deactivation Auto Responder.

This feature sends a personalized message to the user as per the deactivation reason.

appsero tutorial
Enabling Different Types of Auto Responder
Customizing Deactivation Message of Appsero
Customizing Deactivation Message for Each Deactivation Reason

Integrates with Other Services Seamlessly

Appsero itself is a great platform to start with. But we didn’ stop there. Appsero has seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, and Envato. You can sync all your existing licenses to Appsero with a single click. (For Envato authors – the product order ID is treated as a license key) and let Appsero handle it from there.

Also, we got some other cool integrations too.

  • MailChimp Integration
  • weMail Integration
  • Mailjet Integration

These email integrations will help you to build your own email list easily.

How much does Appsero Cost? How Do I Get Started?

Appsero is a free platform. Yes, you heard that right. Appsero is right now in beta and all the features (and more!) are completely free to use. Appsero will be completely free while in beta.

We want to build a better product by gathering the feedback of WordPress industry experts. That’s why all Appsero features are currently free. YES, no tricks here. You can integrate Appsero today with your plugin or theme and it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

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