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Introducing Gumroad Integration with Appsero: The Most Affordable Way to Sell WordPress Products

The popularity of ThemeForest, WooCommerce, or EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) is at its peak point right now. Whether it’s the reputation or the number of available customers, both in these marketplaces are incredible. But when you think about the charge, it’s too high. Like ThemeForest charge starts at 55% for non-exclusive products.

Well, in that case, we can suggest you a marketplace where your charge will start from 9%. Yes, Gumroad can give you the opportunity to begin your online plugin or theme selling business at an affordable fee. 

And in the case of monitoring your WordPress plugin or theme, Appsero is unbeatable. Apart from that, you can check your product licensing and look after your customers. if you are an Appsero user or thinking about using Appsero, we have a piece of good news for you.

Appsero has integrated with Gumroad for providing seamless connection while selling your product in Gumroad. You can track selling data of plugins or themes on Gumroad through the Appsero dashboard

Here, in this blog, we will show you the simplest way of Gumroad integration with Appsero. 

Let’s see the steps.

Gumroad Integration with Appsero

Before taking any steps don’t forget to have a Gumroad account for using this integration. If you haven’t yet please create one and if you have then follow these steps below to build a bridge between Appsero and Gumroad. 

Step 1: Collect Access Token from Gumroad

At first, log in to your Gumroad account to collect the access token. On the left sidebar, you will find the Setting optionAfter clicking that you will see the Advance option at the top of the page, click on it. 

Gumroad settings

There will be an option for application creation if you scroll down.

Now, fill up the Application Name and Redirect URL. You can also add the Application icon then click Create Application

Then Gumroad will provide you Application ID and Application Secret. To generate the access key, press the Generate access key button.

Automatically, the system will show you the key.

get access token

Before moving to the next step, never forget to hit the Update Application button. Otherwise, all this information will not be saved and work properly. 

Step 2: Integrating Gumroad with Appsero

Now, log in to your Appsero Dashboard. And, click Integration from the left sidebar, scroll down, find Gumroad, and click Connect.

gumroad integration with Appsero

On your screen there a popup will appear, where you will find a direction on how to collect access tokens from your Gumroad account.

We already have our access token from Gumroad.  

Step 3: Place the Token Key in Appsero

Now, take the Access token and place it on that popup at Appsero.

place token key in Appseor popup

Hit the Connect button. You will get the Ping URL from Appsero, copy it. 

ping url from Appsero

Go to your Gumroad account, navigate to Setting> Advance, find out the Ping and paste the URL in that field.

ping url paste

Step 4: Add Plugin with Gumroad 

From your Appsero dashboard click on Add New. You will see two options- Add Plugin and Add Theme

add plugin with Gumroad

As you are going to sell this plugin, so it must be the premium one. Don’t forget to click on Yes, it’s a premium plugin, like the image below. 

premium plugin

Give all the basic information about your plugin here and don’t forget to add essential data in the red star area, press the Next button.

basic information of plugin

Then click Yes

click yes

Pick Gumroad as your marketplace.

gumroad integration with Appsero

Select “I have my products ready at Gumroad”.

I have my products ready at Gumroad

Choose I have pasted the webhook option and click Next.

get your product ready

In this section, you have to set a price for your plugin. Don’t forget to set the exact price as you have set in the Gumroad. Otherwise, you will have a mismatch while calculating both Gumroad and Appsero. 

set price in Appsero

Write your store & project, and press Update Connection. On the next page just click on Next.

installation method

Now, you will notice a popup with a message that you have successfully added the plugin with Appsero. Lastly, just press Done.

success popup

That’s it for Gumroad integration with Appsero. There is documentation where you can have a clear view of the Integration of Gumroad.

Final Verdict

Have you gone through the steps properly? If yes, then congratulation on joining this new marketplace with a low charge. On the other hand, if not, don’t hesitate to knock us to help you. 

Theme or plugin business will be much easier than before. All you have to do is, rely on Appsero fully and contact the support if any problem arises. 

Have a nice day!

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