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Best Web Hosting for SEO: Top Service Providers

Are you looking for the best web hosting for SEO? Or to increase your website’s visibility and traffic on the internet better? If so, then you are searching for the right place. 

In 2022, Google will have indexed nearly 50 billion websites, and every day, more than 252,000 new ones are indexed by Google.

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With these big numbers, it may feel impossible for you to see your website standing out and performing well as expected. It will not be complicated with accurate systems like having quality web hosting. 

Web hosting is the idea of providing space for websites, keeping them up to date, and making sure that visitors can find them when they search for keywords. It can genuinely improve the performance of your website on the internet. 

This article will talk about how important web hosting is and which web hosts are the best for SEO. 

Let’s get started. 

Top Web Hosting for SEO Services at a Glance 

Hosting Service ProvidersAvailable Hosting TypesStorageControl Panel
100GB SSDcPanel
32GB SSD cPanel, Cloudnix, Direct Admin, Plesk 
Unlimited Storage (Conditions applied) Custom-built control panel
A2 HostingVPS 
150GB SSDcPanel
100-500GB SSD cPanel
30-120GB SSD cPanel
Small Business
Membership site
10-250GB SSD cPanel
Unlimited Storage (Conditions applied) cPanel
10-40GB SSD storage Site Tools 
20-800GB SSD storageCloud Control Panel 

Top 10 Best Web Hosting for SEO and Website Ranking 

The below-hosting services are performing pretty well and got recommendations from experts. Furthermore, these hosting service providers have a big community of users globally. 

1. Hostinger- Best Blog Website Hosting

Hostinger Web hosting for SEO

Hostinger gives casual blog and eCommerce website owners the right deal with different reasonable features at the most affordable price. You can get premium-like features (other hosting services may cost) by spending nothing. 

Free Premium-like Features 

Moreover, hosting offers free weekly backups, a premium feature that other hosting services include with expensive plans. With weekly backups, you can back up almost all essential files, updates, and other elements of your website. 

Best Continuous Uptime

Hostinger guarantees you 99% website uptime even in bad neighbor effects and overload. A neighboring effect can happen when different websites in your shared hosting suddenly have a massive flux in traffic. This flux may overload the servers and slow down or create downtime for other sites. 

But, Hostinger monitors every site carefully and tries to resolve any problem with expertise. If you face downtime, you can contact their excellent customer service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Key Highlights
  • Free migration service
  • WordPress acceleration
  • Multisite support
  • Email storage 1 GB
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 100 GB SSD storage
  • Enterprise spam filter

2. InterServer- Best for Storage

InterServer- Best for Storage and best hosting for SEO

InterServer hosting service is specially made for website speed acceleration. If you use InterServer and a speed optimization plugin like WP-Optimize or WP Rocket combined, you will get the fastest loading speed possible. Sometimes, it doesn’t even need a plugin to provide that lightspeed. 

Efficient Web Storage

Besides speed, you will get unlimited web storage for your website content. InterServer has 2 USA-based data centers and gives excellent speed service for websites in the USA. However, outside the region, you can use Cloudflare CDN service to improve the speed. 

SEO Friendly

It has a single-click SEO panel installer. The panel has a site auditor, keyword rank checker, MOZ rank checker, and other features. You can use these features to check how your website’s SEO is doing and then take the right steps. 

Resource Utilaization 

InterServer prioritizes performance over quantity and always fills a server with 50% of its resources. This utilization prevents any website downtimes and performance delays during peak traffic times. 

Key Highlights
  • 2TB hard drive
  • Xeon E3-1230 processor
  • Multiple OS support
  • Hardware replacement
  • SSL certificate
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 dedicated customer care

3. DreamHost- Most Affordable Hosting Provider

DreamHost- Most Affordable Hosting Provider

What’s there not to like about DreamHost? This hosting service pretty much covers everything you may need for your site. DreamHost has one of the best developer bases in the world. Many veteran expert engineers, coders, and tech geeks work in their core development team. 

Easy Configuration 

DreamHost offers a cPanel control panel, one of the best and most widely used control panels for hosting services. You can use this panel for domain information modification, adding users, email setting adjustments, and access to promotions. 

Great Security 

For DreamHost, security is the top priority. They put SSL encryption certificates in all website domains. The SSL certificate ensures data is encrypted while transferring from one medium to another. This process also protects websites from data breaches and hacking attempts. 

The SSL encryption certificate feature may cost a lot, but with DreamHost, you will get this with the usual renewal charge. Save $169/year! 

Key Highlights
  • SSD instead of HDDs
  • Automated backups
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 24/7 and 100% uptime guarantee
  • Simple UI system
  • Pre-installed WordPress and website builder

4. A2 Hosting- Best Monthly and Yearly Deals

A2 Hosting- Best Monthly and Yearly Deals

Another hosting service that offers excellent speed with a lower price rate is A2 Hosting. Regarding speed and shared hosting, A2 Hosting can beat any other hosting service.  

Reliable Speed and Performance 

Moreover, A2 Hosting offers different boost plans, like, drive, turbo, and turbo max. All these plans have different speeds and come with premium-like features. 

If you switched from another hosting service to A2 Hosting, your site will load much more quickly. The servers at A2 Hosting work very well and are very reliable. You can expect 99% uptime 24/7 from A2 Hosting. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

What makes A2 Hosting so great is that it reduces your bounce rate significantly. Usually, when a visitor doesn’t spend 3 seconds or less time on your website is counted as a bounce. One of the main reasons for bounces to happen is the loading speed. 

But, with A2 Hosting, you can make your web pages load instantly and improve your conversion rate. 

Key Highlights
  • cPanel control panel
  • NVMe drive
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Website Builder
  • Website staging feature
  • 100GB SSD
  • Data backup protection

5. HostGator- Most Trusted Service for Website Hosting

HostGator- Most Trusted Service for Website Hosting

Founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, HostGator is one of the oldest and most reliable hosting services. HostGator also has a dependable service team to offer 24/7 support to their customers. They offer all the essential features, along with some quality unique ones. 

eCommerce Support

One of the unique features of HostGator is the eCommerce support for general eCommerce websites. Every plan includes SSL certificates, a payment gateway, and a shopping cart feature. HostGator will give you the perfect promoting tools to increase your website’s visibility online. 

Boost Conversion Rates

Not just eCommerce, HostGator also helps other website types by simplifying the objectives. If you want more people to sign up for your contact forms, see your portfolio, or find your site, HostGator simplifies the process as much as possible. 

Wide Range of Learning Resources

Moreover, it has a wide range of guides and articles on its website to assist with any questions. You can even contact their developers via phone, live chat, and email. 

Key Highlights
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SEO tools
  • 45-day refund policy
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Free $100 Google AdWords
  • Easy-to-understand UI

6. Bluehost- Beginner-Friendly Hosting Service

Bluehost- Beginner Friendly Hosting Service

Used by 2M+ websites, Bluehost is one of the best beginner-friendly hosting service providers with general features. 

If you are managing blogging, homepage, or landing page, Bluehost can be pretty helpful. It can delineate the website setup process for beginners. 

Best Servers 

What makes Bluehost pretty reliable is the high-performance servers for all plans. Every server is maintained 24/7 and offers the website 99.9% uptime. 

For $14.95, pro users get Duel Quad Processors, which are faster and perform more efficiently than Bluehost’s regular server. However, you can stick to the standard servers and get the best results for large eCommerce websites. 

No Free Migrations

The only drawback of Bluehost is that it doesn’t offer any free site migration. 

If you want to migrate from other hosting providers to Bluehost, consider paying $149.99 (depending on the website amount) for 5 websites and 20 email accounts. 

The prize feels too costly because many other hosting services offer migration for free. 

Key Highlights

7. Kinsta- Best Hosting Service for Business

Kinsta- Best Hosting Service for Business

Founded in 2013, Kinsta is one of the industry-leading giants for WordPress web hosting platforms. They have over 24,200+ companies using their web hosting tool globally. Kinsta offers reliable web and cloud hosting for almost any website. 

Most Efficient Management

Kinsta’s web hosting service grants its users ultimate management solutions with simplicity. When you get the Kinsta service, all your server setup and hosting settings will be automatically taken care of. Plus, there is a system in Kinsta that scans the site every 2 minutes for uptime, downtime, breach attempts, and performance. 

Google-based Service 

Kinsta’s cloud hosting services are built according to Google platforms, so it guarantees 99% uptime and is pretty fast compared to other hosting services. Kinsta’s platform works in the best-performed CPUs and Google C2 machines. You can expect a 200% performance improvement after migrating from another service. 


The best part about Kinsta is how easy it is to use and configure any settings. 

Key Highlights
  • Built-in monitoring tool
  • Expert customer support
  • Supports PHP 8.0
  • SSH access
  • MyKinsta integration (local development tool) 
  • SSL certificate
  • Automatic database optimization

8. HostPapa- Best Website Ranking Booster

HostPapa- Best Website Ranking Booster

If your website is just starting out after development is done, you might want to move it to HostPapa. Even though HostPapa’s renewals are a bit costlier than those of other web hosting companies, HostPapa has some quality features that boost any website’s ranking faster. 

Quickstart Wizard

After building a website, the first concerning thing for your website’s growth will be minimal content and revenue. The Quickstart Wizard of Hostpapa can show you precisely what you need and missing for your website. 

Also, if you purchase any plan from HostPapa, the Quickstart feature automatically places your site on a less crowded server. This wizard is super easy to follow and effective. 

Content Support 

HostPapa has a wide range of video, audio, and written content to help customers understand SEO and website performance. You can watch these how-to guides and tutorials to learn more about SEO. There is even content on building an SEO-friendly website included with all HostPapa’s free plans. 

Key Highlights
  • Free domain registration
  • The one-on-one expert training program
  • Personal security suite
  • Unlimited SSD web space
  • SuperMicro servers
  • Free domain transfer
  • Website Builder

9. SiteGround- WordPress-Recommended Hosting Service

SiteGround- WordPress Recommended Hosting Service

SiteGround web hosting provides proper speed along with the best possible security. Most SiteGround’s features are specialized to improve your site’s protection during an occurrence and significantly reduce all vulnerabilities. 

Lock Down Feature

If you use WordPress, you must have a way to protect yourself from a malicious attack. Because of this lack of functionality, most hacking and information theft happen. But SiteGround users remain tension-free because of this lockdown feature.

SiteGround’s advanced technology can detect malicious attempts and prevent hackers from breaching your site. SiteGround’s AI system sends alerts every 0.5 seconds and stops over 2 million brute force attacks per hour. 

Low Price for Premium Features

You can have all crucial hosting features and unique qualities for only $3.99/month paid annually. The annual payment makes the price more affordable for anyone. We didn’t include the pro plans because you are getting the same features. 

Key Highlights 
  • Free SSL, CDN, and migration
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Unlimited database
  • Daily backup
  • Eco-friendly hosting. (100% renewable energy usage on servers)  
  • Collaborator adder
  • WP-CLI

10. Nexcess- Best Hosting Service for eCommerce Sites

Nexcess- Best Hosting Service for eCommerce Sites

Nexcess by Liquid Web – is a web hosting service specially designed for eCommerce websites. With Nexcess, you can efficiently build a booming website in these precise eCommerce platforms like Drupal, BigCommerce, Magneto, WordPress, and Craft CMS. 

Automatic Configuration and Troubleshooting 

Nexcess’s advanced techniques for information handling allow you to manage your eCommerce hosting plans without any complex configuration or troubleshooting problems. Plus, it speeds up your backend and improves your site’s front end accordingly. 

Fast Site 

It improves your website speed significantly through cloud accelerators by stacking layers on the stack and overall boosts loading time. With Nexcess, you can load dynamic content-heavy websites in seconds. 


What we like the most about Nexcess is that all features and functionalities heavily depend on the servers. It’s good because instead of offering some fancy WordPress features, Nexcess grants you extra server infrastructure facilities. 

Take automatic resource allocation or scaling as an example. If your website has a massive influx of visitors at once, more resources will be automatically allocated to your website for 24 hours without any extra cost. 

Key Highlights
  • Automatic site maintenance
  • Advance caching
  • 22 CDN locations. (Magneto) 
  • One-click staging
  • Plugin performance monitor
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Free stencil sites

How to Choose a Dedicated Web Hosting Service

How to Choose a Dedicated Web Hosting Service- Best Web Hosting for SEO

Many web hosting businesses online claim their service as legit and trustworthy. However, the problem is you don’t have any way to examine these claims physically. So, believing assumptions and claims without legit proof will be pretty unreasonable. 

It’s best to consider some factors before you make the final decision. 

Is the Providing Company Legit? 

One of the most crucial parts of choosing any product is checking the legitimacy of a company, especially online products. The more legit a company, the better the product quality and reliability will be. Plus, you can trust the company for any future purchase. 

The easiest way to check the company’s reliability is by contacting its employees through customer service or other mediums. You can email them or contact one of their customers to know more about them. 

This way, you will not mistake getting the service for good reviews and later regret your decision because the product didn’t meet your expectations. 

Do They Have a User Base? 

If the providing company is legit, it should have a user base. Most companies show how many active users they currently have. The same goes for hosting services. Trust a service with many users because it’s proof that they have been doing business for a long time and earning people’s trust through reliability. 

How Good are the Product Reviews and Ratings? 

Product reviews can give you a lot of information about the product, like the uptime, traffic volume, migration, or showcasing any false features that are not included in the product. Online blog reviews are pretty legit, but real-life customer reviews are more satisfying

You can check out these great online review sites, 

  • Trust Pilot. 
  • Angie’s list. 
  • Which.
  • Compare Camp. 
  • G2 Crowd. 

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Is the Price Right? 

Web hosting services are cheap. However, some products, like Kinsta, can be costly. Kinsta provides an incredible web hosting service for big businesses. So, their prices for the product are beneficial for one group of online businesses. 

The price (the highest Kinsta offer is Enterprise4-$1654) will definitely feel a lot higher compared to other hosting services. 

Do They Have a Refund Policy? 

A refund policy is a must because you don’t want to be stuck with any service that doesn’t meet your expectations and improve your website’s performance. 

However, almost 90% of website hosting services give a refund policy with their service features and have free migrations afterward. Win-win situation!

How Good is Customer Service? 

Customer service is the key to earning visitors’ trust. So, most hosting companies focus on solving issues or sharing knowledge with their customers because they want to keep their consumers from migrating to another service.  

The best companies will give you the best possible customer service. If the customer service is satisfactory, then don’t hesitate to make the final decision.

FAQs on Web Hosting for SEO 

Q1: How can web hosting positively affect SEO? 

Answer: If a website performs well, there is no doubt that it is dynamic and loads faster. Moreover, it will grab many visitors’ attention. Every visit and extended stay will increase the website’s traffic and boost the conversion rate. 

But, the problem is the possible conversable visitors that exist in top-notch servers. Web hosting services host their client’s websites on these servers and improve their SEO. 

Q2: Does migration can negatively affect a website’s SEO? 

Answer: Well, the answer depends on the hosting service. If you migrate to a suitable hosting service, the migration will not affect your website’s SEO at all. However, migrating to a poor hosting service can negatively affect your website’s SEO. 

Q3: Are hosts and servers the same? 

Answer: No, they are not the same. Sometimes, many hosts work like a server, offering their clients information, resources, and storing data, and applications. But, it’s still a connection device that connects to other electronic devices. 

Q4: What is Migration? 

Answer: If a website undergoes significant changes in certain areas, that can affect the website’s visibility and SEO on the web. This process is site migration. 

Q5: What does OSPF stand for? 

Answer: OSPF or Open Shortest Path First is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP), first designed for IP networks and based on  Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm.

Which Service Provider Should You Consider For Your Web Hosting? 

Selecting a hosting service that will be useful for you will depend on your site’s current status, type, and performance. Best hosting services for SEO should offer different hosting like cloud, WordPress, VPS, and shared web hosting for a reasonable price. 

Also, you can prioritize security, speed, and technology. If the provided server is in the peak state, you can expect all the offered features will suitably work and impact your site. The best hosting service will continuously scale your website’s growth and traffic. 

So, what will be your preferred best web hosting for SEO? Share your views and experience with us about web hosting in the comments below or you could simply drop any suggestions or questions.

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