7+ Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress to Protect Your Website in 2022 1

7+ Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress to Protect Your Website in 2022

Spam is any unwanted link, email, pop-up, or else that users face whenever visiting a website. These are not just unwanted but harmful as well. That is why spam is a headache for any web owner today.

About 122.33 billion spam emails are distributed each day. It means 85% of the world’s daily email traffics is spam.


It is the reason many web owners are worrying much about their web security. To minimize the risk factors, you can try plugins for your WordPress website.

This article will help you learn about 7+ best antispam plugins for WordPress sites. Here is a snapshot of the antispam plugins we are going to cover in this write-up.

Antispam Plugins for WordPressFree VersionStarting PriceActive Installation
Akismet Spam ProtectionYes$10/monthly5,000,000+
Titan Antispam and SecurityYes$55/yearly100,000+
JetpackYes$5/monthly 5,000,000+
Antispam BeeYesNot Available700,000+
Hide My WPYes$24/six months100,000+
BulletProof SecurityYes$69/yearly50,000+
Cleantalk Spam ProtectionYes$8/yearly100,000+
WP CerberYes$99/yearly200,000+

But before diving into a deep discussion, we will cover some words on different types of spamming and how they can harm your website. Keep reading!

What is Antispam Plugin?

Antispam plugins aim to filter out and block any potential email, comment, form, trackbacks, and others that may cause a threat to your website. Also, it can help you identify the spam words, URLs, and suspicious activities of the users. Thus, antispam plugins fight and save your WordPress site from being down.

Types of Spamming

Types of Spamming

According to Radicati Group, spams cost businesses around $20 billion each year around the world. Email spam is one of the most common types. It first came to the market in the 1980s.

Email spam usually contains strange advertisements, newsletters, magazines, unnecessary web links, and so on. From then onwards, there are different types of spam on the web. We are going to cover the four most annoying of them.

➤ Comment Spam

You will never forget the pain if you ever become a victim of this. Using different software (like Scrapebox and GeoGebra) spammers first target potential websites. Then, blast their comment sections with links and others. It creates a backlink to the spammers’ websites.

You may think of deleting them one by one. But imagine, thousands of comments are coming each day. How long can you restrict the spam comments manually without an antispam plugin?

➤ Trackback Spam

By the trackback system, web owners link their pages to the blog posts of popular websites. But you may not know whether their web contents are legitimate or spammy. So, allowing them to link up their pages without verification can be dangerous.

Certainly, the Webmaster will notify you when someone tries to do that. But if thousands of attempts come together and you forget to check one of them, things will be difficult. Somehow, if your website is linked to spammy content, Google will devalue it right away.

➤ DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks are carried out using bots and spiders. Search engines like Google send their bots to every website to verify their content. Thus, they rank a website in their result pages. So, these are good bots.

But there are many programmers who can create bots and send them to a website if they want. This attempt is called a DDoS attack. It is almost similar to a large number of fake traffic sent to a website. Failing to prevent the DDoS attack can overload your server’s bandwidth and bring down your website. 

➤ Email Spam

When unwanted messages start coming in bulk by email, this is called email spam. Luckily, Google AI automatically filters the spam emails from the real ones. Yet there is a high chance that Google will mistakenly move some of your important emails to the spam folder.

By two ways email spammers can attack you: via the contact form and through direct email. This makes things difficult for you to find out the important emails and reply to them within due time.

How Spamming Harm Your WordPress Site?

How spamming can harm a website

Spam usually contains varieties of content. According to Spamlaws, Around 36% of online ads consist of spam elements. Again, adult content is the second biggest spam category that is 31% of all spam messages.

Now, let’s learn out how spam can be harmful to your website.

  • Damage Productivity

Spam is a waste of time. It distracts employees from their regular work. Suppose, each of your employees has to delete 10-20 spam emails every day. Sometimes, they have to verify if those are important or not. Then calculate how much productive hour you’re losing each month.

  • Communication Overload

Suppose, you are expecting to receive 100-150 emails every day. You have two employees to handle them. But in one morning, thousands of emails have arrived at your address. Do you think, yet two employees are able to check them all? This is how spam emails overload the communication system.

  • Annoying to Web Users

Web-users really get annoyed when they keep getting unwanted pop-ups or banners even after closing them. If it keeps happening several times, they may mark your website as spammy. This issue can seriously affect your SEO score.

  • Loss of Important Emails

When you become obsessed with deleting spam emails, you may mistakenly delete some important of them. It can cause serious damage to your business. FBI reported in 2018, global businesses bear around $12.5 billion financial losses due to spam emails.

  • Affects Business Services

Due to spam attacks, it becomes difficult for the users to make instant contact with you. Sometimes, it happens users are mailing you today, but you are replying to them three days later. So, customers can’t receive the expected services from you if the communication line is blocked.

Only antispam plugins can save your site from all these annoying issues. At the same time, you must maintain a backup for your WordPress site.

Why Do You Need Anti-Spam Plugin?

Best antispam plugins for WordPress

There is a number of reasons why you must choose one of the best antispam plugins for WordPress sites. Here are some important points.

  • Maintain Regular Performance: Already we said once, DDoS spam attacks can dry out your valuable bandwidth speed and down your website. In that case, an antispam plugin can help you to fight back. Only then, you can maintain the regular performance of your website quite uninterruptedly.
  • Improve SEO Score: Google wants web owners to ensure a clean service for the users. Having an antispam plugin gives Google a signal that you aren’t dealing with any spammy content. It really gives a boost to your SEO score.
  • Uphold Web Reputation: Already said, continuous unwanted pop-ups and pornographic ads really annoy a user. Installing an antispam plugin can robustly give a slap on the face of unwanted commercials. This is the way you can ensure a better experience for web users.
  • Save Time: The antispam plugin will take out the hassle of deleting spam emails every day. So, you don’t have to waste time on it. Rather, you can find the important emails whenever you log in. Thus, the best antispam plugins for WordPress can save your valuable time and let you utilize productive hours.
  • Remove Existing Spams: If your website is already buzzing with countless spam attacks, you haven’t installed any antispam plugin yet. However, by installing any of them, you can instantly remove all the existing spam from your website and communication channels.
  • Leave Your Comment Box Open: Many bloggers keep their comment boxes shut just to avoid malicious activities from spammers. But it costs them missing out on meaningful interactions with real users. An antispam plugin can keep the spambots at bay, and let your audience comment openly.

Hopefully, now you are curious of knowing about the appropriate antispam plugins for WordPress. Let’s check them out in the following section.

7+ Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

You have two options to deal with spam. Kick them out or let them in. Surely, you will prefer the first option.

Now, we are going to cover 7+ best antispam plugins for WordPress. From here you can choose the one that fits best with your needs.

1. Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet spam protection plugin can help you fight against the global database of spam. Using this antispam plugin you can prevent trackbacks, comments, and contacts spam.

Pros of Akismet Spam Protection

  • Automatically filter out spammy comments.
  • Unhide the misleading users, contacts, and hidden URLs.
  • You can check the number of comments approved for each user.
  • Saves your disk space and speed up your website.
  • If some data is mistakenly marked as spam, you can recover them from its dashboard.

Cons of Akismet Spam Protection

  • Block the spam bot only, not the human spammers.
  • API keys of the plugin are free for personal blogs, not for businesses.

Pricing of Akisment Antispam Protection

Free or $10/monthly (plus other plans available).

Our Verdict:

Akismet is the best choice for those who own personal blogging sites. Because for business websites, you have to enable one of its premium plans.

2. Titan Antispam and Security

Titan Antispam and Security

Titan antispam and security is a powerful antispam plugin. It can protect your WordPress site from all sorts of threats by detecting malicious IP addresses. However, this antispam plugin has many exciting features such as real-time spam reporting, a security scanner, firewall, and site backup.

Pros of Titan Antispam and Security

  • It doesn’t require CAPTCHA to block spam.
  • It blocks the brute force attack by restricting login attempts.
  • Titan antispam has a three-step intelligent spam filtering service.
  • You will get real-time IP blacklist faciltiy in it.
  • It has a global spam database to check your comment boxes.

Cons of Titan Antispam and Security

  • It cannot filter out every spam coming from the contact forms.
  • Sometimes, its process is unclear whether going on your server or off the site.

Pricing of Titan Antispam and Security Plugin

Free or $55/year.

Our Verdict:

Titan Antispam Security Plugin has many powerful premium add-ons. If you are running a sensitive web project, you must consider this plugin in your checklist.

3. Jetpack

Jetpact WP Security

It is hard to find a WordPress user who hasn’t heard of Jetpack. It is one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress community. Alongside the antispam features, it offers many other solutions for web performance and advanced content management.

Pros of Jetpack

  • Using Jetpack you can enjoy all the facilities of Akismet.
  • It doesn’t require CAPTCHA to block spam attacks.
  • Jetpack blocks both comment and form spams.
  • It saves your site from brute force attack.
  • Also, you can backup and restore data using the plugin.

Cons of Jetpack

  • Activating too many modules of the plugin can slow down your site.
  • It requires a WordPress.com account to integrate this plugin into your website.

Pricing of Jetpack

Free or $5/monthly (plus other plans available).

Our Verdict:

Though it is one of the best antispam plugins for WordPress, you cannot enjoy too many features in its free version. Better you use its premium plan. However, with the free version, you can keep a backup of your site and enjoy some antispam benefits.

4. Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee offers you a one-stop solution to block all sorts of unwanted comments. It also records the trackbacks’ IP addresses so that spammers can’t visit your domain again. Its built-in notification system keeps you updated about spammy comments.

Pros of Antispam Bee

  • Antispam Bee is officially a free antispam plugin by WordPress.
  • It automatically filters comment spams and delete after certain days.
  • It allows you to block comments for suspicious locations.
  • You can allow only certain languages to comment.
  • It is completely Ad free and has GDPR compliment.

Cons of Antispam Bee

  • Antispam Bee can’t protect your site from spam contacts or user registration.
  • This plugin works best only in limited functionality websites.

Pricing of Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee is completely free for all users.

Our Verdict:

Antispam Bee fits best for WordPress newbies and personal bloggers. It can’t support a website that requires multi-dimensional services. Therefore, business organizations must look for a better one other than this.

5. Hide My WP

Hide My WP

Hide My WP is a best-seller plugin in the CodeCanyon marketplace. It works well with the latest WordPress versions and is compatible with other plugins. This plugin can protect your website from spammers and detectors in a number of ways.

Pros of Hide My WP

  • Hide My WP can scan and block the cross-site scripting (XSS) spam attacks.
  • Hide your theme, plugins, wp-admin, and login URL names.
  • Ensures a double-layer security to your WordPress site.
  • It automatically blocks XSS, SQL, and Command injection.
  • Also, it can automatically block traffics from bad IP addresses.

Cons of Hide My WP

  • Doesn’t work well with some specific page builders.
  • It recommends turning on XML-RPC which can affect your API services.

Pricing of Hide My WP

Free or $24/six months.

Our Verdict:

This plugin isn’t easy to use for beginners. It is not possible for them to identify the page builders that may break down their sites. Hide My WP is much useful for experts and experienced users.

6. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is an all-in-one antispam solution for any WordPress site. It will guard your website against malicious comments, logins, and registration spam. Even its free version is enough to offer you superb antispam support for your website.

Pros of BulletProof Security

  • Never slow down your website because its speed optimized.
  • Block traffic from specific locations if there is any suspicious activity.
  • Gives safety to your site from any malware infection.
  • Backup the database manually or automatically using the plugin.
  • Hide and lock individual plugin folders.

Cons of BullteProof Security

  • Configuring this plugin might be a daunting task to many users.
  • Its interface is difficult for beginners to understand.

Pricing of BulletProof Security

Free, or $69/yearly.

Our Verdict:

Honestly, it will take time for you to understand the plugin. Therefore, we recommend you use the free version till you are getting used to it. After that, you can decide on the premium version.

7. Cleantalk Spam Protection

Cleantalk Spam Protection

If you are looking for a simple but powerful WordPress antispam plugin, why don’t you check out the Cleantalk Spam Protection? This is another best antispam plugin for WordPress. Because both beginners and experienced users can use it quite effortlessly.

Pros of Cleantalk Spam Protection

  • Easy to use for everybody.
  • Doesn’t require CAPTCHA, questions, puzzles, or riddles.
  • Compatible with GDPR and third-party plugins.
  • As a could-based plugin, it will never slow down your website.
  • Provide you daily and weekly spam reports

Cons of Cleantalk Spam Protection

  • It was created to work with varieties of platforms, not specifically for WordPress.
  • Therefore, it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with WordPress sites as other plugins.

Pricing of Cleantalk Spam Protection

Free, or $8/yearly.

Our Verdict:

Cleantalk spam protection is a very easy-to-use antispam WordPress plugin that anybody can use. Besides, its subscription charge is very cheap. However, complete its 14-day free trial. Then, move for the premium version.

8. WP Cerber

WP Cerber Security

WP Cerber can give you the first-class defence against hackers and malware. Like the above plugins, also it can save your website from a range of spam attacks: comments, forms, emails, bookings, surveys, and so on.

Pros of WP Cerber

  • WP Cerber automatically scans and deletes the spam comments.
  • It gives you a defense against a DDoS attack.
  • It detects bot spam in the comment section using invisible CAPTCHA.
  • It doesn’t allow REST API and XML-RPC.
  • Also, you can restrict suspicious IP addresses.

Cons of WP Cerber

  • Configuring this plugin is a bit confusing unless users are tech-savvy.
  • Sometimes, it blocks legit users if they forget passwords.

Pricing of WP Cerber

Free, or $99/yearly.

Our Verdict:

Since configuring the plugin is quite confusing to beginners, you can check out its documentation. There you will find complete guidance. Furthermore, we recommend you use the free version first.

FAQs on Spams and Its Plugins

What Is Spam?

Spam is any unwanted link, email, pop-up, data, and else that users face whenever visiting a website.

What is the Antispam plugin?

Antispam plugin filters out and blocks any potential email, comment, form, registration, and trackbacks that may cause a threat to your WordPress site.

Is Antispam Bee free?

Antispam Bee is free of charge. It can block unwanted comments, record suspicious IP addresses, and limit their access.

Is Akismet free for WordPress?

Akismet has both free and premium pricing plans.

How do I stop fake comments on WordPress?

In the following ways, you can stop fake comments on WordPress:
1. Turn off the comment section entirely.
2. Disable allowing anonymous comments.
3. Activate comment moderation.
4. Allow only the logged users to comment.
5. Use blacklisted words to filter out spam comments.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Spams are nothing but trash for a website. So, to keep your website fresh and smell good, you have no way left other than blocking the spammers.

There are basically two types of plugins: dedicated and multipurpose. They are different in their techniques and functionality. Again, some are universally easy to use for everyone. And the rest are best only for tech-savvy people.

We have tried to make a balanced combination of all types of plugins in the above listing. Hopefully, from beginners to pro users, all have found this article a helpful piece. However, please let us know if you find we are missing any best antispam plugins for WordPress on the list.

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