how to get free trials without credit card

How to Get Free Trials Without Credit Card: 4 Tips from Experts

Jordan, an intermediate developer wants to try a premium plugin for testing purposes. When he seeks to have the free trial it said to add the credentials of a credit card. As he has no credit card, he was unable to avail of the free trial.

Just like Jordan, many other upcoming developers who don’t own a credit card can’t use free trials of premium plugins as most of the online services like plugins, themes, courses, streaming platforms require credit card information to offer a free trial.

But in most cases, people are afraid to use credit card credentials for free trials. What if the company cuts down the bill after the end of the free trial?

Thus, people search how to get free trials without a credit card. Well, it’s hard, but not unmanageable. Some ways are legal, but others aren’t.

In this article, you will know some tips for getting free web service trials without credit cards. These tricks can help the developers who are looking to have a trial of premium services.

Let’s begin.

How to get Free Trials without Credit Card: Check this 4 Simple Tricks 

Some of our researchers and tech guys used these methods to bypass the free trials without credit cards. But remember, you need to have proper documents and above age to perform them. We hope these could be great ways for WordPress developers to have some free trials on plugins or themes.

1. Use Virtual Credit Cards

You can use Virtual Credit Cards
Source: iCard Blog

After the 20s, virtual credit cards became pretty popular among general people. This online card system works like usual physical credit cards, but the big difference is they don’t require any official status or fixed monthly income. 

Anyone can create their card through some crucial information such as Gmail, birth certificate, and NID. However, you have to remember that not all virtual credit cards are the same.

Some cards can help you to get free trials on services, but other may grant you a full-fledged card system. 

Take Pyypl virtual credit card service as an example. This virtual card system supports more than 70+ countries worldwide and covers 150+ nationalities. You can load dollars super fast from your regional currency. It is one of the best authentic virtual card systems I have seen so far. 

You can use Wise, Skrill (Europe only), EzzoCard, as some alternatives for Paypal. 

Another recommended virtual card system is the Donotpay free trial system. Pretty reliable and secured. 

2. Utilize Credit Card Number Generators

Credit card number generator
Source: iCard Blog

The process is pretty simple. If you give some regional information they will produce some fake credit card numbers with personal information. 

You will have all the required information and a credit card to sign up for the trial, but alas! the system will say, “the card is not valid.” 

The reason is fake credit card generators use a random algorithm that sorts from millions of names, information, and random numbers to create an array of information. 

The information you are getting from the generators is not known by any card-holding companies, which is why the non-valid status. All those Youtube solution videos are fake. 

But, if you still want to give it a try, then check out Prepostseo. This app can generate 5 cards at a time. Still, the chance of working is 50/50. 

3. Use the Nacho Nacho App  

Many credit cards are lost by the users, stolen, or expired. But, these cards can still be used by others. This app can provide you with a card and necessary information. They also offer burner credit cards (single-use virtual cards).  

All you have to do is sign up for their new shelter. Their officials will take a meeting with you and confirm that you are an actual authentic user. 

4. Request an Already Existent Trial Period Account

If the above methods don’t work, then you can look for an account instead. Many social media groups can help you to get an account with a simple charge. 

However, remember to stay safe and don’t share your sensitive credentials with other people. 

Disclaimer: All these options for avoiding credit card are not 100% secured. If they asked for fingertips or any other sensitive credentials it’s recommended to avoid right away. We have just shared the possible ways and don’t suggest you to try this often.

How does the Trial Period of an Online Service Work? 


Web services let their prospects have a trial session before purchasing the products. The limit of a trial duration totally depends on the service-providing company. It can be 30, 14, 7, or even 1 day. 

Free usage helps the consumers to test the overall performance before the launch. It also assists the developers in further analyzing their customer behaviors, interests, and any faults in presentation. You can say it’s a “good for both parties” sort of thing. 

However, the problem occurs in the accessing trial stage of this service. The company wants the most authentic and legal users throughout the globe to test its product. 

They might sign you up for their new shelters, but the genuine scale of authenticity is purchasing options like credit, debit, or online payment systems. 

You have a preferred option of purchase, then sign up for the trial period. Without one, you can’t access this trial period. In some services, they manage money refunds if you are not satisfied.

Why Do Web Businesses Prioritize Cards More than Other Methods for Purchasing any Service Online?

website Security Best Practices

Most websites that have weak security measures are the victims. So, web platforms tighten their security by any means possible. One of the prioritized measures is having powerful purchase options like credit cards. This purchasing option will offer 5 core benefits for a web service.

1. Best Possible Security

Credit card purchasing option providers have the highest level of protection possible. They even offer their client’s website security measures. 

Just think you are getting assurance from WordPress security plugins and credit card companies at the same time. 

2. Reliability and Legitimacy

Visibility on the Web is pretty crucial for a business platform to grow. Moreover, they also have to be legitimate and reliable for users. Setting a credit purchase option gives authenticity to a website. People who visit will trust the website and recommend it to others. 

3. Increase Sales

The thing is, most potential customers online are actually average job employees holding credit cards. They will want to buy or rent the best possible service or product from the internet. It’s pretty simple. If they see authentic service, they will buy it. 

Moreover, easy credit card payments will make the customers more attracted to the business. 

4. Improve Cash Flow

In an online platform, money is a credit that transfers from one bank to another bank. This shift is known as cash flow. Cash flow has to be fast, smooth, and reliable. 

Cash flow is the virtual movement or transfer of money. Online card purchases are always electronically concocted and resolved pretty quickly. In the next step, the system processor deposits the proceeds directly into the owner’s bank account. 

The best part of this system is it improves the owner’s cash flow and reduces any issues related to the checkpoints. 

5. Inexpensive Purchasing Option 

Small to medium businesses want more profit and faster recognition. However, it’s hard to achieve because the cost is pretty high. Another thing to point out is some online business owners think credit card payment options are expensive. 

In reality, it’s the opposite. Because of the heavy competitiveness of online businesses, card purchasing service providers are likely to have a fair price for their services. So, finding a reasonable price is not that hard. 

However, if you have no other way and decide to use your credit card information for a free trial, then you have to be very careful. Because you can lose your personal information to a hacker quite easily. We will discuss it in the next section.

How Hackers can Breach Users Data with Credit Card Information

The Web is a dangerous place for any online business. Nearly 2200 cyberattacks happen each day. So, 800,000 businesses, websites, and personal blogs are at risk of a cyber-attack. 


Another scarier fact is that some security threats suggest that hackers use purchasing options as a tool to breach. This process can affect both a user and a website owner. 

You probably have heard of floating lucrative ads, “free VPN without payment”, and “free trial no credit card required” frauds on websites. If you complete the process and give your credit card number, they will breach your data and steal your money. The same things can happen with an online service, but differently. 

In the website case, some hackers disguise themselves as suspicious members by signing up for new shelters. They remain sneaky, and when the time comes, they breach all the data.

This information is necessary with the current topic because many sites claim that they can give you free trials without a credit card are actually traps. So, beware of them, or you will lose all your data and capital at the same time. 

FAQs on Free Trial Management without Credit Card

Question 1: What is a Free Trial without a Credit Card? 

Answer: Free trial without credit card is, taking advantage of a trial stage without using the credit card information for the purchasing option. Usually, you can provide your credit card information and sign up for the trial. But not everyone has the privilege of having a credit card, which makes it hard for some qualified individuals. However, there are options like credit card numbers and virtual card systems that can be used as an alternative. 

Question 2: Do I have to put credit card info for free trials?

Answer: Even if to check out the trial service you need to provide the card number. The payment gateway will immediately check your card’s validation and credibility. 

Question 3: How do I get a free trial on Google Play?

Answer: Navigate to Google Play Store App and tap on your profile picture. Tap the Payment and Subscriptions option. It will lead you to some options, you have to hit the Subscriptions tab. Now, find the one that you have just installed and tab cancel. From now on, you will be able to use the free trial until it ends.  

Question 4: How do I get a free trial on Spotify without a credit card?

Answer: Find out the Settings and then Account. You will get a button that will say you can use the Premium version for free. It will activate for 7 days and you won’t need to use any credit card. 

Concluding on How to Get Free Trials without Credit Card

There are many ways to get a free trial, but most of them require authentic information. It is good because users and owners can both be safe on the internet. Staying safe is what matters the most. 

Instead of looking for illegal ways to access an online resource, you can ask an expert. 

If you need any help regarding free trials without a credit card, then please let us know in the comments. 

Have a good day and be safe on the internet!

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