Black Friday Marketing Strategy

How to Apply Black Friday Marketing Strategy for Your WordPress Products

In the United States, Black Friday is a regional term for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. Every store gives a huge amount of discount on that day. 

The trend was popular in the region of America. But that has spread widely all over the world for online business. And, you can see every eCommerce store and digital product owner arrange Black Friday sales every year. After a few days, there is another sales day- Cyber Monday

The marketers combine both of these days and make an enjoyable time for both customers and company owners.  

Developers should also maintain the Black Friday marketing strategy as a theme or plugin owner to make some good funds. Today’s blog is specially released for our programmers to help them out in this festival time.

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Matter?

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday Matter?

Before jumping to the strategies let’s know why Black Friday matters for business growth.

This year more than half of consumers (52%) symbolized that they are waiting to do shopping in Black Friday sales events (both physical and online stores).

Black Friday Survey

In 2020, the Cyber Monday online shopping participation was 59% and in 2021 it would rise to 61%. 

An all-over survey on customers’ online purchase behavior states that most of the buyers wait for the Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year discount offers. Among them, on Black Friday the company owners provide the best deals. 

WordPress plugin and theme sellers predict that in this time they get the revenue which is more than half of the whole year.

Then why not you? 

13 Black Friday Marketing Strategy to Apply in This Festive Season

Black Friday Marketing Strategy for WordPress Developers

It’s a common question among the programmers- how to prepare for Black Friday? Don’t worry as a developer it’s quite hard to know the specific and most effective marketing strategies for BFCM sales. For your convenience, we have gathered all the powerful methods right below.  

  1. Prepare Discounts for At Least 15 Days
  2. Create Special Design for Related Pages
  3. Make Eye-catchy Banners in Social Media and Paid Ads
  4. Write a Listicle Article on BFCM Deals
  5. Submit Your Deals to Other Sites and Add Their Deals to Your Article
  6. Optimize Mobile-friendly Ads
  7. Prevent Cart Abandonment
  8. Send Personalize Email with Lucrative Offers
  9. Take Help from Influencers to Boost Your BFCM Campaigns
  10. Ensure 24/7 Support for Reply Everyone
  11. Make Sure You are Releasing SEO Optimized Content for BFCM
  12. Set Up Clock to Show the Urgency of Buying Now
  13. Offer a Free Gift When Someone Buy Anything

1. Prepare Discounts for At Least 15 Days

Firstly, you have to create a discount offer for the customers. Here, you should keep your product maintaining cost as well. 

Do some research on your competitor’s BFCM deals to make a lucrative deal for the visitors? If you are a new product owner, it should be more than 50%. On the other hand, when you are an owner of successful products and have huge traffic you should go beyond 40/50% to grab the most users possible.

Now let’s think about the time frame. How long should you keep the BFCM deal? Well, start 5 days of Black Friday and keep it 5 days after Cyber Monday. Give the visitors the maximum chance to purchase your deals.

2. Create Special Design for Related Pages (Homepage/ Pricing, Coupon, and Check-Out Pages)

All these Black Friday, Cyber Monday or other days are festivals for the customers who wait for a long time. As a site owner, you must spread the vibe on your most visited pages. You can create special designs on those pages.

For example, we are giving you the samples below. 

Pricing Page Design

Pricing Page Design

People will mostly visit your pricing page. In that case, the entire page should be in touch with the special occasion. You can see the Appsero Pricing page is designed with a Halloween theme.

Home Page Design

Home Page Design

For Home, Feature, Blog, or any other pages you can just use a popup at the top of the page with the recent festival design.

3. Make Eye-catchy Banners in Social Media and Paid Ads

Social media is helpful for promoting your Black Friday offers. You must create stunning social banners to get the attention of targeted customers. Catchy hashtags or giveaway promotions will boost engagement as well.

On Facebook and Twitter, you will post attractive banners that will say what you offer (the discount percentage) to your customers.  

eCommerce owners sometimes create a shop on Instagram to get the attention of Instagram followers. They can instantly purchase the items. You can take a chance in this way. 

4. Write a Listicle Article on BFCM Deals

Listicle or List-article format works great for BFCM deals. People can easily understand what deals are mostly preferred for them. Here we will share 3 types of list article formats described by BuzzFeed’s Editorial Director, Jack Shepherd.

The Listicle

One of the common list article formats is Listicle. This type of article is made up of a lot of lists, and there are some extra details for each item. 

You can create a listicle with a stunning title, as many sub-headings, and images or GIFs under every list item. 

This type of article is used to show you multiple options in a particular subject. 

The Definitive List

Through this list articles, you can provide thorough knowledge about a specific subject. Here you will need to use more image elements and some descriptions. 

The Framework List

This type of list article is more storytelling than listing. It is more convincing for your customers. You will not just address the list but also share the essential points regarding that topic. 

5. Submit Your Deals to Other Sites and Add Their Deals to Your Article

At the time of the festival, you would see most of the plugin or theme owners share deals of multiple products. After keeping their own product on the list they also add others. 

Have a look at the Best Halloween Deals Blog by weDevs. Here you would see that they have added more than 10 deals which are from other plugins. 

By doing this you will promote some plugins and on the other hand, you will get promotion from them as well. 

You can ask them about the affiliate program. So, when somebody purchases the product from your site you would get a promotion. Great source of earning, right?

6. Optimize Mobile-friendly Ads

The ads you will run in the time of BFCM should be mobile-friendly. According to Statista, around 90% of global internet users use a mobile device to browse the web. 

In that case, if your Ads don’t look good or are perfectly mobile-optimized, the user can drop out of the advertisement. 

Before creating a design for Ad make sure they are flawlessly ready for both desktop and mobile users. 

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7. Prevent Cart Abandonment

Prevent cart abandonment

It’s really frustrating if your customer takes your products off the cart and leaves them for some reason. Cart abandonment is quite familiar in the eCommerce business and digital product market. Do you know what makes people abandon a cart? Well, the answer could be. Here we will share with you a list of some possible ways to prevent cart abandonment. 

  • Don’t place a long checkout process
  • Help customers to sign up with one click social login
  • Provide as much information as you can 
  • Share multiple payment gateways
  • Offer at least a 14-day refund policy
  • Make sure your website speed is between 2-3 seconds

8. Send Personalize Email with Lucrative Offers

Email campaign- Black Friday marketing Strategy

When you have started the deal, it is not easier for them to reach you quickly. But with email campaigns, you can do that effortlessly. 

Make an email campaign mentioning the discount and time frame to your all leads with greetings. 

Ground Breaking Tips for Email Marketing

  • Place your discount amount in the subject line (50% Discount on Appsero License Management)
  • Use a customer-centric festival tone to invite in the festival
  • Black Friday specialized email banner with discounts and offers
  • One Call To Action(CTA)
  • Schedule the email by avoiding the weekends
  • Address your lead name in the email
  • Mobile-friendly email template

Follow these tricks to get huge sales through email. Always remember best email marketing campaign depends on how you know about your lead before sending the mail. 

9. Take Help from Influencers to Boost Your BFCM Campaigns

This is an incredible and effective Black Friday marketing strategy example to boost your BFCM campaigns. If influencers describe your deals and review your product, potential customers will be interested in purchasing your product without any questions.

You have to find a relevant influencer according to your industry and marketplace. This paid marketing can make you some lifelong customers. 

10. Ensure 24/7 Support for Reply to Everyone

24/7 Support- Black Friday Marketing Strategy

As we said before, at the festival time you can have a huge sale. That means a lot of users will avail of your product and use it right away. It’s quite normal that they might find an error or couldn’t understand the interface. 

At this moment, they will seek help from your customer support department. If you can not give 24/7 support, there is a chance of having customers drop out of your product.

So, arrange a support engineer team who will answer your customers frequently.  

11. Make Sure You are Releasing SEO Optimized Content for BFCM

If you don’t own a reputed WordPress theme or plugin yet then should focus on Search Engine Optimization. In a new stage, search engines can help you to recognize your product as a brand

For that, you have to focus on keyword researching and optimizing them currently for your website BFCM deal content and ads.

If your SEO is perfect, after searching on Google or any other search engines people will get you without any effort. If you are reading this blog after searching on Google, we have successfully optimized our blog to reach you.

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12. Set Up a Clock to Show the Urgency of Buying Now

You can say it is a trick to get more sales. Set a timer or clock in your homepage, pricing page, or anywhere else where you have placed your BFCM deals. 

When a customer enters your web page make sure he/she can see it at a chance and the timing can be set from 5 to 24 hours. This will create an urgency to buy your product faster. 

13. Offer a Free Gift When Someone Buy Anything

If someone is purchasing your product first time you can offer a gift to them. Like your can offer-

  • A 30-day free trial or
  • 1/2 Premium Extension or
  • 1-month premium support service or
  • Free counseling for the product setup
  • And more.

First of all, you are making them feel special. On the other hand, you will give them a demo of your service. So it enhances the chance of increasing your premium customers. 

Final Thoughts on Black Friday Marketing Strategy

October, November, and December- these 3 months can be your turning point if you can use the potential customers. 

In our opinion, you should concentrate on Email Marketing, Mobile Optimization, and Attractive Social Ads. These are the main areas that must be covered before any campaign. 

If you like our Black Friday marketing strategy comment below. We will try to present Halloween and Christmas marketing strategies for WordPress developers. 

We would love to receive your feedback. Don’t forget to share your opinions. 

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