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30+ Best Coding Interview Prep Sites for Your Dream Job

Back then, coding interviews were pretty straightforward, and interviewers would ask questions about basic algorithms, data structures, or languages. 

Now, the situation for coding interviews has changed completely. Interviewers always want you to have real-life experiences and unique problem-solving capabilities. 

Their questions have also evolved to test specific abilities, such as pressure intake, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, soft skills, writing communication, organization skills, and working environment expertise. 

In some cases, they skip programming questions totally and instead ask questions about collaboration or technology trends. So, like examiners, your approach to solving professional questions should also change.  

Below, we will explore the best coding interview prep sites to prepare for any professional programming interviews. 

How Coding Interview Prep Sites Can Help You

best coding interview prep sites

Coding interview prep sites can help you become a more skilled programmer, well-versed in a range of programming languages. Remember, these sites are a part of your development – combining them with real projects and soft skills is crucial for balanced career growth. The following list explains how you can get benefitted from the resources of interview prep sites.

  • Enhancing technical skills: These sites offer various coding challenges that improve your coding and algorithmic skills, making you more proficient in different programming languages.
  • Boosting problem-solving abilities: Regular practice with diverse problems enhances your ability to creatively and efficiently solve complex issues, valuable for both interviews and real-world work.
  • Improving interview performance: Familiarity with common interview questions and mock interviews reduces anxiety and improves your overall interview performance.
  • Language proficiency: You can practice new programming languages, boosting proficiency and confidence in using them.
  • Networking opportunities: Engage in platform communities to discuss problems, solutions, and experiences, connecting with fellow professionals.
  • Opening job prospects: Strong interview performance leads to better job offers, as it demonstrates problem-solving and technical abilities.
  • Continuous learning: Stay updated with the latest programming trends and techniques through these platforms.

You can dive into these sites to unlock benefits that not only refine your technical skills but also enhance creative problem-solving and foster professional growth.

22 Best Coding Interview Prep Sites for Software Programmers

These programming interview preparation sites are widely used by beginners to senior-level engineers of tech giant companies. You can rely on them without thinking twice. 

1. Coderbyte- Improve Your Coding Skills

Coderbyte- Improve Your Coding Skills

Coderbyte is one of the best coding interview prep sites online. For visitors, Coderbyte has a free challenge and an interview kit. With the pro version, you can get a custom challenge-building feature. This feature allows the user to create sets of hard-to-easy questions plus has multiple modifiers for adjusting.

You can also build an interview to prepare yourself for the future. The prize is also pretty considerable for students. However, choosing the 90-day $79 subscription pricing should be the best package. 

2. Pramp- Practice Mock Interviews and Coding Problems

Pramp- Practice Mock Interviews and Coding Problems

Pramp is mainly a mock interview preparation site that offers efficient training for any IT-related jobs. Moreover, It has a big community of developers for IT giants like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. 

You can get paired and learn from their experiences. After the initial training, you can take interviews from 5 different categories of data structures, product management, behavior, system design, frontend, and data science. Practice for job interviews from anywhere with a 1-1 collaborative environment and HD video chat with your paired partner. 

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3. AlgoExpert- Ace the Technical Interviews

AlgoExpert- Ace the Technical Interviews

If you search for a coding interview source with numerous preparation resources, prioritize AlgoExpert. There is no doubt that AlgoExpert will be one of the best coding interview preparation sites in the coming years. 

They have 5 various categories of products and 22 training sessions with different challenges for each one. Moreover, AlgoExpert’s research team has gathered 160+ crucial interview questions with high-quality solutions. 

4. Gainlo- Mock Interviews with Professionals

Gainlo- Mock Interviews with Professionals

Like Pramp, Gainlo is also a mock interview taker site. The main difference is it only offers interviews without any courses. But, you are getting a chance to take interviews with experienced professionals from many IT industries. 

They will even give you feedback on where you should improve and understand. Gainlo’s 70% of users come for more interviews because of its legitimacy. They even prepared a blog section for weekly tips on getting a job. 

5. LeetCode- A New Way to Learn Coding

LeetCode- A New Way to Learn Coding

LeetCode makes the coding interview preparation easy with its vast resources on the most common coding questions and challenges. Some of their resources include a big community of experts, over 2250+ questions and solutions, and many contests. 

They have different question sets and interviews based on big-industry giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. LeetCode’s scoring system displays average scores for different cohorts of developers for you to benchmark easily.

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6. Interview Cake- Programming Interview Questions+Help

Interview Cake- Programming Interview Questions+Help

Instead of throwing out many features, Interview Cake presents the actual scenario of professional interviews. They have a wide range of knowledge regarding coding problems, behavior, and manners in an office interview. 

Interview Cake’s developers made their problem-solving strategies in a way that can impress any hiring manager. Their approach to defining the issues and delivering hints separately in whiteboard-style interviews is impressive. 

7. Glassdoor- Get Interview Questions and Job

Glassdoor- Get Interview Questions and Job

Yeah, Glassdoor is an American job application and review site. So, you may ask, why is this site in this article? Glassdoor works as a meetup point for different types of developers who want to share their questions and interview experiences.  

They have a rich community of new developers and old developers. Glassdoor almost has a library of 4 million questions. The system can take several answers to a single question making this platform a genuine helper for any job candidate. 

8. freeCodeCamp- Learn to Code for FREE

freeCodeCamp- Learn to Code for FREE

One thing you will love about freeCodeCamp is that it offers unlimited coding resources for free. Moreover, you don’t have to sign up to take your first coding course, but you have to sign up to save your progress. 

Any user in freeCodeCamp will get exclusive coding challenges that contain 300 hours’ worth of content. There is a certificate system for those who finish a code challenge. freeCodeCamp also offers some homework-type coding resources to practice later. 

9. Big-O Cheat Sheet- Know Thy Complexities 

Big-O Cheat Sheet- Know Thy Complexities 

In an interview, any programmer’s worst nightmare can be getting questions about the Big-O notation of coding. It’s hard to understand and more complicated to explain to someone. 

So, Eric Rowel, co-founder of the Uiflow app building platform, created an entire cheat sheet to understand the Big-O notation. You will find common data structure operations and array sorting algorithms on that web page. They also have some purchasable books and posters you can buy to stay motivated while preparing for the upcoming interviews. 

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10. HubSpot- Coding Crash Course

HubSpot- Coding Crash Course

HubSpot is primarily a marketer for software products. The reason HubSpot is on the list for its new coding crash course. The course will help beginners to learn to code and help solve many expert-level coding problems. 

In addition to the course, HubSpot has a rich blog section on its website for coding interview preparations. Moreover, it has more IT-related practices and certification systems after completion. 

11. Codewars- Achieve Mastery Through Coding Practice

Codewars- Achieve Mastery Through Coding Practice

Like Leetcode, Pramp, and Coderbyte, Codewars is another big coding interview prep platform for all-level developers. Codewars specializes in creating small coding challenges named “Kata.” In Japanese, “Kata” means martial art movement patterns practiced alone.  

So, in Codewars, you can practice coding problems alone and get reviews from your peers. The friendly community that Codewars provides is specially designed for users for interview purposes. The 2021 Codewars version supports almost 29 core languages and 26 additional beta languages, making it a global platform. 

12. HackerRank- Matching Developers with Great Companies

HackerRank- Matching Developers with Great Companies

Like Glassdoor and Codility, HackerRank is known for its exclusive recruitment tools. However, HackerRank has a coding challenge and interview preparation section for developers. It works as a tool, and you can get premium-level coding resources for free. 

For beginner job seekers, HackerRank is the best place to start. Plus, you can get Hackos and use them to buy test cases. You can earn them by completing challenges and taking tests. 

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13. CodingBat- Perfect for Coding Interview Practices

CodingBat- Perfect for Coding Interview Practices

CodingBat is a learning platform for beginners. But, you can increase the complexity level after each test. The code submission forum is also pretty simple to use, and all the results will be assessed by reviewing them against unit tests.

CodingBat’s developer is an academic who mainly focuses on students and beginners instead of professional software engineers. The approach of CodingBat is pretty similar to Eular. But, instead of concentrating on math-related problems, CodingBat is perfect for interview practices. 

14. Codility- Online Coding Tests and Programming Assessments

Codility- Online Coding Tests and Programming Assessments

Codility is a specialized recruitment platform for teams to test developer skills and make decisions based on their performance. It’s an easy-to-use platform for all-level developers with many problem statements and solutions. 

The solutions are precise, short, and definitive, making them easily understandable. Codility also has screening services for companies, and you can know many companies’ requirements and practice accordingly. Overall the writing and testing experience in Codility is impressive. 

15. HackerEarth- Accurately Assesses Interview

HackerEarth- Accurately Assesses Interview

What if you would receive gifts for your perfect scores on tests? Well, HackerEarth gives its users rewards like T-shirts and swag kits. They have many resources like Hackathons, coding challenges, and over 8000+ coding questions. 

Moreover, HackerEarth recently added a mock interview preparation area to its resources. You can get that bold interview preparation from HackerEarth and win prizes for your struggles. Their challenges and coding marathons are interactive, and you can also connect with potential employers in a massive community of international developers. 

16. Udemy- Learn Anything on Your Schedule

Udemy- Learn Anything on Your Schedule

Udemy offers a diverse range of coding interview courses catering to various skill levels. Courses cover algorithmic problem-solving, data structures, and specific interview questions from top tech companies. With video lectures, coding exercises, and real-world scenarios, Udemy provides a flexible learning environment to guide you through solving problems step by step.

17. Coursera- Degrees, Certificates & Free Online Courses

Coursera- Degrees, Certificates & Free Online Courses

Coursera partners with universities and experts to deliver coding interview courses that combine academic quality with practical applications. You’ll find comprehensive programs covering algorithms, data structures, and system design.

Courses often include quizzes, assignments, and peer interaction, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of core concepts. Coursera’s certification options can enhance your resume and demonstrate your commitment to learning.

18. Educative- Interactive Courses for Software Developers

Educative- Interactive Courses for Software Developers

This platform offers focused learning paths on coding patterns, algorithms, and system design. Step-by-step coding exercises and real-world scenarios help reinforce your skills. Educative’s courses often include visualizations and code playgrounds, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging.

19. ByteByteGo- Technical Interview Prep

ByteByteGo- Technical Interview Prep

ByteByteGo is your ultimate destination for elevating your system design skills to new heights. This platform offers a comprehensive array of resources designed to help you excel in technical interviews and master the art of system design. ByteByteGo understands the importance of making informed decisions. You can preview course chapters and review the course curriculum before making a commitment.

20. CareerCup- Programming Interview Questions

CareerCup- Programming Interview Questions

Created by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, a former Google interviewer, CareerCup offers an extensive collection of interview questions from real company interviews. The platform goes beyond coding challenges, providing insights into behavioral interviews and the interview process itself. The book “Cracking the Coding Interview” is a hallmark of CareerCup’s resources, offering valuable advice and tips.

21. Coding Interview Questions Coding Interview Questions offers coding interview preparation content designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical problem-solving. The platform focuses on teaching not just how to solve problems but also how to explain your thought process during interviews.’s approach can help you communicate your solutions effectively, a crucial aspect of technical interviews.

22. Interview Camp- Online Bootcamp for Coding Interviews

Interview Camp- Online Bootcamp for Coding Interviews

Interview Camp is an immersive program that goes beyond individual problems and focuses on training your problem-solving skills holistically. With live instruction, mock interviews, and a structured curriculum, Interview Camp provides an intensive learning experience. The program is designed to simulate the intensity and breadth of real coding interviews, preparing you for a variety of challenges.

23. CodeChef – Learn and Practice Coding with Problems

CodeChef - Learn and Practice Coding with Problems

CodeChef offers a vast collection of coding challenges that cover different difficulty levels and topics. By participating in these challenges, you can enhance your problem-solving abilities, improve coding efficiency, and gain familiarity with common algorithms and data structures. CodeChef hosts regular coding competitions that simulate real-world coding scenarios.

24. CodingNinjas – Learn Coding Online at India’s Best Coding Institute

CodingNinjas -  Learn Coding Online at India's Best Coding Institute

CodingNinjas is an online coding platform that offers comprehensive programming courses and coding challenges. It focuses on teaching data structures, algorithms, web development, machine learning, and more. You’ll also learn coding concepts and problem-solving skills through interactive online classes and hands-on coding exercises.

25. TopCoder – Get Work Done 10x Faster

TopCoder - Get Work Done 10x Faster

TopCoder also offers a valuable learning experience through its editorial section. After each challenge, detailed editorials are provided that explain the optimal solutions to the problems. You can learn from these editorials, understand different approaches, and gain insights into efficient coding techniques. This variety of problem-solving strategies helps you expand their knowledge and become more versatile in their coding abilities.

26. Geektastic – Technical Assessment & Code Challenge Platform

Geektastic -  Technical Assessment & Code Challenge Platform

Geektastic provides a unique approach to evaluating your coding skills. They are given real-world coding challenges which are examined through peer-to-peer code reviews. They are evaluated based on their ability to come up with efficient solutions and write clean-maintainable codes. The review process provides valuable feedback, highlighting areas for improvement.

27. GeeksforGeeks – A Computer Science Portal for Geeks

GeeksforGeeks -  A Computer Science Portal for Geeks

GeeksforGeeks provides tutorials and articles covering a wide range of programming topics. These resources offer in-depth explanations, code examples, and visualizations, making it easier for you to understand complex concepts and improve your coding skills. By solving these challenges, you can enhance your problem-solving abilities and gain hands-on coding experience.

28. Khan Academy – Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Khan Academy - Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Khan Academy is an online educational platform that offers a wide range of free educational resources, including video lessons, practice exercises, and interactive quizzes. It covers various subjects, including math, science, computer programming, history, and more. In addition, it offers solid courses on topics like algorithms, data structures, and computer science principles that could be help for job interviews.

29. W3school Online Web Tutorials

W3school Online Web Tutorials

W3Schools is a free online platform that provides tutorials, references, and practice exercises for various web development technologies and programming languages. It offers comprehensive resources on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, and more. These tutorials provide step-by-step explanations, code examples, and interactive exercises that can grow your confidence in taking interviews.

30. Sololearn: Learn to Code

Sololearn: Learn to Code

Sololearn is a mobile and web-based platform that offers courses on popular programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and more. These courses are designed to teach coding concepts from beginner to advanced levels, providing a structured learning path for you. The interactive nature of the lessons allows you to practice coding directly within the platform.

31. Code Conquest: Free Coding Guide for Beginners

Code Conquest: Free Coding Guide for Beginners

Code Conquest is a free online platform for beginners to practice coding and programming languages. If you are interested in coding but don’t know where to start, this could be a great platform for you to start coding. This platform provides step-by-step guides you need to get started. Plus, you will get prepared overtime for coding job interviews.

What Are the Behaviour Traits Interviewers Admire The Most in Engineers?

For an interviewer, a candidate’s demeanor is the most prioritized feature. A prospect can easily convince a group of interviewers about his professionalism and good behavior, even if he makes slight mistakes in answering questions. 

An average candidate only has 7 seconds to make an adequate first impression. Moreover, 90% of the time in the USA job interviews, the employed candidate showed pretty excellent etiquette among other candidates. 

Legal Jobs

So, here are 4 crucial behavioral traits that interviewers find the most appealing. 

1. Confidence 

Trusting yourself is confidence. It’s easy to be confident in a peaceful environment but think about stressed-up interview conditions. Even though you may feel like it’s impossible to keep your gourds up, it’s still necessary. 

According to, nearly 61% of hiring managers like confident candidates and are willing to employ them. The same goes for any other job interviewer. Fear is one of those common hindering factors for confidence. If you can control your nervousness in an interview, you can surely impress interviewers with your confident self-esteem. 

However, sometimes overconfidence can create a negative outlook. In the UK, some job candidates feel anxious about being confident because they think it’s perceived as arrogant in front of managers.  

2. Reliability 

Hiring managers want to know if the job candidates are up for the given task and responsibilities. According to, 62% of UK employers like to employ reliable candidates. 

An easy way to establish reliability is your smartness and presentation. For the representation, you can show the required information and documents correctly. 

Moreover, positively responding to any questions, being punctual, smiling while talking with interviewers, and always holding a calm demeanor can indicate reliability. In terms of reliability, actions are more significant than words.  

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3. Professionalism

In simple terms, professionalism is having expertise and experience in a specific working field. But, you may ask, how do interviewers measure professionalism from a candidate? 

So, like reliability, professionalism depends on a prospect’s physical actions. In addition, you will need to have a brief knowledge of the current subject and other related topics. 

Moreover, looking like a gentleman and greeting the managers with a handshake. Eye contact can also be a crucial factor in presenting professionalism. 

For the knowledge part, you have to answer questions correctly asked by interviewers. The more correct answers you give, the better you can represent your expertise. 

4. Independent Thinking 

A good employee will always blindly follow the manager’s decisions, whether the decision is better or worse for the company. However, an excellent employee will not be afraid to stand up against the status quo if it doesn’t seem right for them. 

Mainly in the engineering job sector, managers want to see candidates who are independent thinkers because they are the most reliable, confident, and professional in their work.  

Meg Sheetz, former president, and COO of the Medifast Weight Loss Program, states how she admires people who are not afraid to stand up for what they think is the right thing for the company. She also says, 

“I also look for people who understand that they will not necessarily agree with every decision the company may make, but … they have to find a way to support their teams in a unified approach.”

However, many CEOs and managers will talk about supporting independent thinkers but don’t have the guts to follow their perceptions and make actual changes.

How Long Should You Prepare for a Coding Interview

The recommended preparation time for coding interviews depends on your available time and chosen prep methods. If you have only one week, you must focus more on mock interviews. Plus, you can skim through some practice books and short courses to quickly cover a broad range of topics. Aim for at least 20-30 hours of focused study.

If you have a month or more, consider structured courses, bootcamps, or detailed books with extensive practice problems. In this case, you can aim for 100+ hours of study to dive deeper into key subjects and solidify your knowledge.

Starting prep before scheduling interviews right away can help avoid last-minute panic and ensure thorough readiness.

FAQs in Software Programmer Job Interviews 

Most of the time, hiring managers intentionally ask tricky programming questions with practical answers. 

1. What is Programming? 

Answer: The method or process of writing code by professionals that instructs a computer application, mobile app, or electronic device to do a specific action is computer programming. Or programming is an instruction set to initiate particular actions. 

2. What is a Palindrome String? 

Answer: A Palindrome String is the unchanged form of a reversed string. Or When a reverse of a string appears the same as the original string can be called a Palindrome String. 

For example, eye, tenet, madam, radar, racecar. The same goes for numbers such as 121, 1111, 2332, and 78987.

3. When do syntax errors occur? 

Answer: A syntax error occurs when a programmer incorrectly writes several lines of code. Or syntax error is the faulty state of an array of code. 

4. We have some numbers from 1 to 52 in a 51-number array, so what is the best way to find out which number is missing? (Amazon interview question) 

Answer: The 2 step answer is, 

– Calculate the sum of all given numbers stored in the array of size 51. 
– Subtract the sum from (52 * 53)/2 —- Formula : n * (n + 1) / 2.

5. How will you calculate the number of vowels and consonants in a string? 

Answer: Use the below steps, 

– Take the string from where the count will be performed. 
– Run a loop starting from 0 to string length. 
– Choose 1 character at a time, then verify if it’s part of the vowel group. 
– If your result is correct, increase the vowel count or increment the consonants count. 

Ace Your Interviews With The Best Websites to Prepare for Coding Interviews

In the past, coding interviews were pretty challenging because there was a tendency for companies to call out more candidates but hire fewer. 

But, over the past 2 decades, the amount of programming positions has increased a lot, and software engineers have to meet fewer requirements to land a job. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has startled every kind of job. However, the status of programming jobs will be far better than that of other tech-related occupations because of the rapid increase in demand. 

So, with efficient preparation, you can bring the best out of yourself and beat your competitors. 

We hope the above best coding interview prep sites will help you prepare for any interviews in the future. We would be glad to hear your experiences in the comment section. 

Happy cracking-your-interview day!

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