What does it mean when a transaction is pending

What Does It Mean When a Transaction is Pending- How It Affect Your Balance

You may get confused when your customer is saying they have paid the money but you are not getting it. 

Well, developers, it’s quite common and so it is not something you need to be worried about. 

Today in this blog post we will shed the light on what does it mean when a transaction is pending on a web account and all the little details that you should know about pending money.

What Does Pending Transaction Mean?

What Does It Mean When a Transaction is Pending

Pending transaction means your buyer has done the payment but it is in the process to reach your account. In this situation, the customer has already bought your plugin or theme but you still haven’t received the money on your designated account. 

You may have a question like, how long does a transaction stay pending? The answer is, in most cases, it may take 3-10 business days to transfer the money to your account. We know this pending transaction transfer time frame may seem a little too long sometimes. So let’s know the possible reasons for the occurrence of such a situation.

What Causes Pending Transactions?

As a seller, you can request the authorization of your customer’s credit card to ensure that he/ she has the ability to pay the money. So, if you do so, the payment may take some time to reach. Once the process is complete the pending transactions will be cleared.

When someone pays for booking a Hotel room or Rent a Car, the company owners go for card pre-authorization to guarantee the payment. 

Until the issuer process the authorization, the payment remains pending if you pay outside the business hour. 

PayPal sometimes delayed payment for the customer’s safety purposes. PayPal pending transaction is always good for their clients.

How Pending Transactions Affect Your Balance?

What Does It Mean When a Transaction is Pending

Let’s figure out if the pending transactions affect your current balance or not.

Available Funds

Your available funds will be affected by pending transactions. When the transaction is pending it means the payment is done, it just needs some time to be added to the receiver account. It means that the amount is already deducted from your current funds. 

Balance of the Account

Your account balance won’t be influenced by pending payments. Only the amount you have paid will get debited from your account. 

FAQs on What Does It Mean When a Transaction is Pending

faq on pending payment

Question 1: What Does Pending Payment Mean to My Customer?

Answer: If the payment status is pending then your customer has no access to your plugin or theme. So, he/ she will be unable to use the product.

Question 2: How Can I Make My Customer Happy?

Answer: As you know the pending payment is about to come within a few business hours or days, so you can manually complete the sale. This act will ensure your customer that everything is fine, the transaction is placed successfully. Thus, your support engineers will get some relief 😉.

Question 3: How Long Does a Pending Charge Stay on Credit Card?

Answer: On a credit card the pending payment may stay for up to 5 days. Several factors affect how long a pending payment wait on the credit card. Suppose- when you have made the purchase and how long the seller needs to check your authorization. 

Question 4: What is a Pending Transaction on Credit Card?

Answer: It’s an accredited purchase or Card pre-authorization. It won’t take more than 4 days to approve the payment.

Question 5: Why does My Cash App Payment Say Pending?

Answer: It means a user’s transaction is stuck between some technical issues. The bank may not respond to the Cash App server as well. If it is happening with you, we would suggest you cancel the transaction and not wait for an undefined period.

Question 6: Can a Bank Stop a Pending Transaction?

Answer: If it sounds legal reason and has the full authorization, a bank can reverse any pending transaction or period. 

Question 7: How Long Does a Pending Transaction Take to Cancel?

Answer: If you want to cancel the payment the fastest way is to directly contact the seller. After removing the pending transaction, the money will be transferred back to your account within 24 hours. If the merchant can’t help you then the pending payment will automatically fail after 7 days.

Question 8: What Does Pending Transaction Mean on My Bank Account

Answer: Pending transactions on anyone’s account refer to the pending transaction already paid. It is just stuck on the way and about to reach the described account or destination.

Final Thoughts on Transaction Pending

Well, we think this deep discussion has cleared up all the confusion regarding pending transactions. Sometimes it might be hard to understand. And we suggest you contact the support team of that particular credit card service or payment gateways. 

If you have any further queries about what does it mean when a transaction is pending, then don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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