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Introducing Dokan Cloud – The Future of eCommerce is Here

Hey there!

Ever heard of the Dokan Multivendor plugin? It’s a powerhouse, with over 60,000 active installs and a whopping 4.5-star rating on WordPress. This plugin makes creating multivendor marketplaces a breeze.

But hold onto your hats because there’s something even better – Dokan Cloud!

Why the upgrade, you ask? Well, here’s the scoop:

  • The Dokan Multivendor plugin entirely depends on WooCommerce and WordPress ecosystem. So, every time WooCommerce or WordPress brings any update, the Dokan plugin has to make sure it’s compatible with these updates. The Dokan Cloud doesn’t have such dependencies.
  • Dokan plugin only lets create online multivendor marketplaces. It doesn’t empower you to create single-store eCommerce websites. Dokan Cloud will solve this limitation.
  • Since WordPress is a self-hosted platform, you have to manage your hosting, security, and performance all by yourself. The Dokan Cloud is a SaaS product, so, you don’t need to worry about all these things. Just sign up to the Dokan Cloud and you’re pretty much there to start selling your products without any hassle.

So, if you’re looking for an easy-peasy eCommerce solution without the WordPress fuss, Dokan Cloud is your ticket to stress-free selling.


Perfect. Let’s explore the Dokan Cloud more!

What is Dokan Cloud All About?

This is the feature image of the blog - Introducing the Dokan Cloud

Dokan Cloud is a standalone cloud-based platform built for eCommerce. Whether you want a single store or a multivendor marketplace, Dokan Cloud empowers you to manage it all without relying on WordPress or dealing with complex setups.

Let’s find out more about Dokan Cloud:

  • Scale as you grow: Dokan Cloud handles increased traffic seamlessly so you can focus on marketplace expansion.
  • All-in-one dashboard: Manage vendors, products, and operations with ease from a single user-friendly interface.
  • Seamless integrations: Connect your favorite tools and platforms for a streamlined workflow and new functionalities.
  • Blazing-fast & always up: Dokan Cloud delivers unmatched performance and consistent uptime, even during peak traffic.
  • Happy customers, happy business: Prioritize a smooth user experience for both vendors and customers with fast loading times and reliable service.
  • Bulletproof security: Dokan Cloud takes security seriously with advanced measures to protect information and transactions.

Dokan Cloud is more than just a platform – it’s a complete solution for your online marketplace needs. With its focus on scalability, efficiency, and security, Dokan Cloud empowers you to build a thriving marketplace that grows with your business.

Amazing Features of the Dokan Cloud

Dokan Cloud

For now, the Dokan team has added the most necessary features in the Dokan cloud so that business owners can start their marketplace.

Gradually, they will add new and exciting features that will take your marketplace experience to the next level.

Initially, the Doka Cloud has these features-

1. Detailed Dashboard and Report Filtering

The Dokan Cloud dashboard is like your marketplace’s control center! You can see everything that’s going on at a glance, like how much money you’re making, how many customers you have, and what’s selling well.

There are even charts and graphs that make it super easy to see how things are doing.

Plus, you can zoom in and look at reports by day, month, or even year. This lets you see trends and patterns, which helps you make even better decisions for your marketplace.

2. Page Builder to Design Anything Instantly

This is the coolest thing about Dokan Cloud.

Yep, Dokan Cloud comes with its own page builder. You can use this page builder to change how your marketplace looks. If you’ve ever used Elementor or another page builder before, using this one will feel familiar because it’s designed similarly.

This is a screenshot of Dokan Cloud themes

Plus, there are two themes you can choose from and tweak to make your store look really pro. The Dokan team is planning to provide more themes in the future.

3. User-friendly Product Management

In Dokan Cloud, you can sell both physical and digital products, giving you the flexibility to offer a wide variety of items in your marketplace.

Both admins and vendors can easily create and upload products, adding all the details needed to showcase their items accurately.

This is a screenshot of the Dokan cloud product management

They can also include attributes and variations, and organize their products by assigning brands and categories, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

To make products more visible and improve search engine ranking, there’s a special section just for product SEO.

4. Subscription Plans for Vendors

Dokan Cloud lets you create custom subscription plans for vendors. These plans offer different features and access levels depending on what you decide. This gives vendors the right tools for their business and lets you manage your marketplace more effectively. It’s a win-win situation for both!

5. Easy Shipping and Tax Management

Don’t worry about the hassle of setting up shipping and taxes in your marketplace! Dokan Cloud makes it a breeze.

For Vendors:

  • Create custom shipping profiles to fit your needs. Set prices and areas you deliver to, so customers know exactly what to expect. This keeps things smooth for everyone.
This is a screenshot of shipping management

For Admins:

  • Set up tax rules in a flash! Dokan Cloud helps you follow regional tax laws, no matter where your vendors or customers are. Plus, you have options for different types of taxes, so you can customize things perfectly for your marketplace.

Dokan Cloud takes the complexity out of shipping and taxes, so you can focus on running your marketplace.

6. Live Chat Integration

This is a screenshot of the Dokan cloud live chat feature

Dokan Cloud connects with Facebook and WhatsApp, so vendors can chat with customers directly. This means:

  • Better customer service: Answer questions, offer support, and build relationships right inside Dokan Cloud.
  • Happier customers: Fast and friendly communication keeps customers satisfied and coming back for more.
  • More sales: Promote products directly on Facebook and WhatsApp to drive traffic to your store.

Dokan Cloud makes it easy to connect with your customers and grow your business.

7. Email Integration for Easy Email Marketing

Dokan Cloud comes with Mailchimp integration, a popular email marketing tool. This means vendors can:

  • Automatically send order confirmations: Keep customers informed with instant emails about their purchases.
  • Welcome new customers: Send friendly emails to new signups, making a great first impression.
  • Boost sales with email marketing: Use Mailchimp’s powerful tools to reach customers and promote products.

Dokan Cloud makes email marketing simple, so vendors can connect with customers and grow their business.

8. SMS Integration

Besides integrating with Mailchimp for email communication, Dokan Cloud also seamlessly integrates with Twilio, a well-known SMS platform, enabling vendors to establish more direct and personalized connections with customers.

Through Twilio integration, vendors can utilize SMS messaging to send crucial updates, order confirmations, delivery notifications, and promotional offers directly to customers’ mobile phones.

This direct communication channel ensures timely and effective communication, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout their shopping journey.

9. Store Analytics

Recognizing customer behavior is vital for improving an online marketplace’s performance. That’s why Dokan Cloud seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4, a robust analytics platform, to offer valuable insights into customer interactions on the website.

Through this integration, both administrators and vendors can monitor various metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer behavior, including page views, session duration, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

These insights provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of how customers navigate the website, engage with products, and complete transactions.

10. Payment Integration

Dokan Cloud makes checkout a breeze for customers by offering a variety of payment options:

  • Trusted Gateways: Pay securely with PayPal or Stripe, familiar names in online payments.
  • Flexible Options: Choose what works for you – pay now or opt for cash on delivery.
  • Easy Withdrawals: Vendors can conveniently transfer earnings directly through PayPal.
This is a screenshot of the Dokan cloud payment settings

Dokan Cloud keeps things smooth for both vendors and customers.

11. Vendor Payout

Handling vendor payments in a marketplace can be tricky, but Dokan Cloud makes it easy with user-friendly features designed to simplify vendor payouts.

With Dokan Cloud, vendors can easily request payouts whenever they want, giving them control over their earnings and ensuring they get their money quickly.

Besides manual payouts, Dokan Cloud also offers automatic payouts, making it even more convenient for vendors.

This automated system allows vendors to schedule regular payouts, so they get their earnings without having to do anything manually.

Dokan Cloud Pricing Plans

Dokan Cloud comes with 4 different pricing plans:

  • Basic: Starts at $69 per month for 100 vendors.
  • Growth: Starts at $129 per month for 250 vendors.
  • Scale: Starts at $399 per month for unlimited vendors.
  • Enterprise: This is an exceptional plan who wants to get a customized pricing plan for his eCommerce business.

Just a heads up: There is a 14-day trial period for Dokan Cloud. So, if you want to check the Dokan Cloud without going for the premium package initially, you can test the trial version without paying a penny.

This is a screenshot of the Dokan Cloud Pricing

Dokan Cloud Features: What to Expect in the Future

We already said, we would bring more features to the Dokan cloud platform. We already have some features in the roadmap like-

  • Multilingual Feature
  • Braintree Integration
  • Frequently Bought Together Option for Customers
  • Standalone Store Creation Feature
  • Subscription Product
  • Blogging Feature and more.

Introducing Dokan Cloud – Key Takeaways for You

The main goal of the Dokan team is to provide eCommerce business owners with a platform they can use to launch their dream online business without any hassle.

That is why they have kept both the Dokan Cloud version and the Dokan Plugin version operational. As a user, you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Dokan Cloud makes the process easier with:

  • Seamless Integration: Connects effortlessly with Mailchimp, Twilio, and Google Analytics 4 for enhanced functionality and insights.
  • Flexibility: Customizable features empower users to tailor their marketplace to their needs.
  • Availability of Popular Payment Methods: Dokan Cloud supports all the popular payment gateways and payment methods.
  • Built-in Page Builder: Dokan empowers its users with an Elementor-like page builder to design anything instantly.
  • Efficient Vendor Management: Simplifies vendor operations with tailored subscription plans and intuitive payout options.

Dokan Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to create, manage, and thrive in the competitive eCommerce industry.

If you have any questions related to the Dokan Cloud, feel free to let us know using the comment box below. Take care!


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