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Adding Custom Deactivation Reasons

Step 1: Adding Custom Deactivation Reason to Appsero Dashboard

Before proceeding, make sure you have already integrated Appsero SDK to your plugin/theme.

Go to Appsero Dashboard, log in with your credentials and go to your desired WordPress plugin or theme where you want the custom deactivations to show up.

Navigate to Settings >> Custom Deactivation

Custom Deactivation Reason Appsero
Select Custom Deactivation Reason
Adding Custom Deactivation Reasons 1

Click Update reasons when you are done.

Step 2: Adding the Custom Reasons on Your Plugin/Theme via the SDK

When you are done adding the custom reasons, notice the following things

  • id is the deactivation slug
  • text is the deactivation title
  • placeholder will show on textarea field
  • icon You can set SVG icon with 23×23 size

After setting up the reasons in the Appsero dashboard, map them in your plugin/theme using a filter hook.

add_filter( 'appsero_custom_deactivation_reasons', function () {
		return [
				'id'          => 'pro-is-expensive',
				'text'        => 'Pro is expensive',
				'placeholder' => 'Can you please tell which feature looks buggy?',
				'icon'        => '',
				'id'          => 'conflicting-with-my-theme',
				'text'        => 'Conflicting with my theme',
				'placeholder' => 'Could you tell us a bit more?',
				'icon'        => '',
				'id'          => 'bloated',
				'text'        => 'Bloated',
				'placeholder' => 'Could you tell us a bit more?',
				'icon'        => '',
	} );


For example, I have added the filter for the custom reasons showed above. Carefully match the id and text as per the Appsero dashboard. Now when deactivating, if I click Others the custom deactivation reasons are showing up.

Appsero Custom Deactivation Reasons

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