top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes

Top Marketplaces for Buying & Selling WordPress Products

WordPress has been expanding its arm in recent years to support both users and core developers. Again it’s predicted that WordPress powers almost 43% of the web. This is why the number of WordPress users is increasing rapidly. And people are getting interested in this open-source platform.

With WordPress and its ecosystem, earning money is not a hard task. It’s very easy for developers, in particular, to earn six- or even seven figures in a short period of time by selling their pro themes and plugins.

But in another sense, if you’re a newcomer or want to sell products on a different platform virtually, then you have to choose a suitable platform. You must also follow the proper procedure in order to profit.

That’s why, in today’s post, we’re going to share the top marketplaces for buying and selling WordPress themes or plugins, so you can choose the one that’s right for your products.

Now, let’s move on:

Top Marketplaces for Buying & Selling WordPress Products

We’ll go over the top marketplaces for buying and selling WordPress themes and plugins that you can trust. And surely, you can boost your reach and get your products into more buyers’ hands.


top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes and plugin
WordPress themes, web templates, and more

ThemeForest is the largest WordPress marketplace among all the marketplaces. Over 300 authors have put more than 40,000 themes and templates on this site. And here you can start buying your first theme for only $2.

Basically, ThemeForest is run by Envato Marketplace. It was also the second Envato Marketplace, founded in 2008, and focused on selling high-quality templates and themes. Furthermore, it was named by a freelance developer from Malaysia, Kai Loon.

However, you can also sell WordPress themes or plugins here. But you have to stand out and provide some quality themes or plugins. So you can choose this huge marketplace to start selling WordPress products.

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WordPress org

how to build wordpress themes to sell
WordPress Community

Who doesn’t hear about WordPress these days? Yes, WordPress alone has a separate theme repository and plugin repository. And here you can enlist your WordPress Products.

Actually, the process is, you have to submit your work here. And then your work will be reviewed by the publishers. After the review, your product will be available to all. And you’ll acquire lots of downloads.

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Mojo Marketplace

Top Marketplaces for Buying & Selling WordPress Products 1
A place of Themes, Plugins, and Services

Mojo Marketplace consists of Mojo Themes and Mojo Code Marketplace. It’s directly integrated with the popular hosting site ‘HostGator’. As a result, many novice WordPress users will get your themes and plugins right when they start a new site.

Mojo Marketplace offers exclusive authors from 50%-70%. And non-exclusive authors get 50% of all sales. So this marketplace can be very handy for you, especially if you’re a new WordPress product developer.

TemplateMonster Marketplace

Top Marketplaces for Buying & Selling WordPress Products 2
Popular Website Web Design Materials

TemplateMonster is a popular and highly recommended marketplace for all WordPress users. If you’re a WordPress product developer, then you can submit your work here. And like other marketplaces, your submitted work will be reviewed and then it will appear on the site.

However, an exclusive author gets 50%, to begin with, and up to 70% once they reach $100,000 in total profit. And also, a new author gets the full 70% for the first three months. For instance, a non-exclusive author earns up to 40% on their first sale.

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top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes
A place where you’ll get 32k+ code and plugin

After ThemeForest, CodeCanyon is a popular marketplace by Envato. Here you’ll invent almost 32,164 code scripts and also buy a plugin for only $2. So if you’re a WordPress product developer, you can choose this platform to advertise your product for sale.

Basically, what is the actual process of releasing the product in the WordPress plugin repository? First of all, you have to release the freemium plugins into the WordPress plugin repository, then after a few days, you will be able to sell your premium plugins.

In that case, CodeCanyon offers its users to quickly strike a wide audience in a few minutes. So this platform is 100% perfect if you’re looking for selling your plugins.


how to build wordpress themes to sell
Best place for HTML templates and WordPress Products

ThemeSnap Marketplace is especially for WordPress and Drupal themes as well as HTML templates. Unlike others, it’s not as popular as expected. But still can be a very effective place for WordPress product developers.

Anyways, you can start with this marketplace by getting a 50% commission rate and also earning up to 75%, which is quite a handsome amount. Furthermore, this rate is the same for both exclusive and non-exclusive users.

Creative Market

Sell WordPress Plugins
All in one place for all WordPress products

If you’re tired of facing the review process in different marketplaces, then Create Marketplace is absolutely for you. Because you’ll face no review process here. Yes, it’s 100% true! On this platform, it’s easy to sell WordPress themes, plugins, templates, and all other important graphic design tools.

Like other marketplaces, this marketplace also offers a commission rate based on the author’s or user’s role. If you’re an exclusive user, then you’ll get up to 70% off every sale. And the interesting part is, you can not only list WordPress products here but also list fonts, photographs, icons, etc.


top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes

Not happy with the above platforms? okay, then CodeSter can be perfect for you. Yes, like other marketplaces, Codester can be the best option to buy and sell WordPress themes & plugins.

You can sell more items along with themes and plugins, for example, scripts, apps, and graphics. And also, commission rates are 70% for all experts and newbies alike.

However, read this article on How affiliate program helps you to earn money. This article will encourage you to know more about the affiliate program, and how it works.

Which Marketplace Is Suitable For You?

top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes

However, these top marketplaces for buying & selling WordPress themes and plugins are highly simplified by all. So you can choose the suitable one for your selling WordPress products.

People often put a big amount on a product even they’ve never heard of, built by an unknown developer or by theirself

However, you must exercise extreme caution before selling the WordPress theme or plugin through any of these websites. That means you must first understand the market. Otherwise, you will not profit. And all of your efforts will be futile. Therefore, it’s very crucial to know how to sell products and how to analyze plugins or themes perfectly before selling.

Things You Should Consider Before Selling WordPress Products

Top Marketplaces for Buying & Selling WordPress Products 3

In the above discussion, we have already mentioned the important facts that a WordPress plugin or theme developer should remember. If you can maintain it, surely you can create a sustainable business around it. And you’ll also get the desired profit by selling WordPress products virtually.

However, we will share some facts that you should consider before starting a business selling WordPress products in marketplaces:

So before planning to sell any WordPress product, make sure that you have these recommendations accordingly. Otherwise, many unwanted issues will create obstacles to your progress. Now the decision is yours. We tried our best to show a possible procedure for you.

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Recent actionable WordPress statistics

However, if you have anything to say, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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