Enable 1-Click Automatic Updates with Appsero

Enable 1-Click Automatic Updates
with Appsero

1 Click Automatic Updates

Release Updates
like a Pro

Let's be honest. Managing automatic updates for premium products is hard. You can use Automatic
update that works for hand in hand with your licensing engine. Appsero enables a
seamless update process for your premium WordPress products.

Once you integrate the Appsero SDK and release updates from Appsero, only customers with
a valid license key
will get automatic software updates.

We have got Git

release new version

Release new version directly from Github/GitLab or Bitbucket

No matter from where (GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab) you push your new builds, an automatic update will be rolled out to the users depending on the release webhooks. Appsero enables continuous deployment with ease.

Release updates directly to your users from your Git workflow. Cool, huh?

Continuous Deployment
from Git to WordPress.org

Want to enjoy continuous deployment to WordPress.org from Github/Bitbucket or GitLab? With Appsero and Git integration, you can directly push your plugin or theme updates to WordPress.org.

Don't lose your valuable time by managing those old SVN repos.

Continuous Deployment

Deploy Updates
from Appsero Dashboard


Deploy fast, like really really fast

You can directly deploy your new versions of themes and plugins to Appsero. Customers will receive the update notification in the same way.

Upload your product's zip file, and Appsero will take it from there.

Proper Delivery Ensured

Worried about reaching each and every user with new fixes and improvements?

Appsero ensures everyone gets the update in their dashboard and you get to know who updated on which date.

proper delivery ensured

The Other Good Stuff



Manage all your licenses through Appsero


Faster Deployment
to Pro Users

Instantly deploy updates to all paid users, straight to WordPress Dashboard


Usage Analytics

Get insightful data of your users

Marketing Automation


Gather feeedback and send deactivation responder emails, automatically

Push to Deploy using Git

Push to Deploy
using Git

Instantly deploy updates to all your from the convenience of your terminal

Extensive Integration


Seamlessly integrates with others

Make more revenue from insightful data.


Make more revenue from insightful data

Easily navigable documentation to get started in minutes


Easily navigable documentation to get started in minutes


Great for

Manage permission for your team members

Save Time.
License Better. Deploy Faster.
Reinvent WordPress.

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